Our cloud and connectivity services for enterprise business are powerful, flexible and underpinned by the kind of customer experience you’ve been looking for.

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Network Connectivity

Our full-fibre network is the largest independent alternative in the UK. With flexible, cost effective pricing, bringing future-ready network connectivity to your business and power through your next phase of digital transformation


Enterprise CloudCoCo

Voice and Connectivity

Innovative voice and collaboration solutions to power business optimisation. Our flexible, hosted services bring next gen voice services to enterprise business including:

  • Stress-free sip trunking
  • Hosted voice and collaboration solutions
  • Innovative IP voice functions

Find our how we’re changing the game with our suite of voice solutions for future-aligned businesses

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Cloud Solutions for business

Cloud hosting is not only cost efficient but unlocks more innovation around business optimisation and collaboration.

CloudCoCo is part of a vibrant ecosystem of leading cloud solutions and powered by a team of talented professionals to help you get there

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Enterprise CloudCoCo

Hardware and Consultancy

CloudCoCo have a full suite of hardware vendors to choose from. Helping you get the very most from your digital initiatives and infrastructure, our consultancy team are available to deliver innovative, rapid solutions to meet your goals.

CloudCoCo has developed a Best in Class procurement service, which allows CloudCoCo clients to procure hardware, software, and vendor maintenance renewals from a single source. Working with industry-leading vendors, distribution providers CloudCoCo can provide everything from end user computing and peripherals, to core IT network, storage, and server infrastructure.

Our passion for collaboration with our Tier 1 technology providers, provides you assurance of significant cost savings for all of your procurement needs. You also won’t have to wait weeks for an answer

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Meet the experts driving our cloud revolution

Enterprise CloudCoCo
Robert Speight – Chief Sales Officer

Robert is a senior enterprise sales director with over 12 years experience in providing connectivity and IT creative solutions that solve real business problems. With 12 years experience, Rob found he could no longer tolerate the industry status quo, and joined the CloudCoCo revolution. Now, free from needless delays and cumbersome processes, Rob is a key driving force in delivering smarter, slicker solutions to market.

Enterprise CloudCoCo
Sam Mathie – Communications Associate Consultant

Sam is a highly knowledgeable face in technology and communications strategy. Over 17 years he has shaped the communications strategy of some of the UK’s leading organisations, from The  Economist, Penguin Random House, Burberry, uSwitch,Peabody Housing and Jaguar Land Rover. What unites Sam with CloudCoCo’s refreshing approach is his constant commitment to giving customers what they need in the least complex way possible. This has been a driver for success during his career and why he is a key voice in keeping CloudCoCo’s voice and communications strategy customer centric.

Enterprise CloudCoCo
Rois Ni Thuama – Email Security Associate

Rois has worked with start ups since the early nougthies most notably with Shazam. She co-founded IAS Medical (now the UK’s leading air ambulance company) she sold her position in 2009, Rois has an LLM in international commercial and business law and her doctoral work is in corporate governance. Rois now works with Red Sift Limited as Head of Cyber Governance, she works with firms to help them make informed decisions about their cyber security posture.

Rois is excited about the new wave of cyber solutions which help firms manage their cyber security risk.  “New wave” for Rois extends far beyond the borders of technology and deep into slick, customer-centric solutions that provide a sustainable and material cultural change to how cyber risk is treated. This makes Rois a strong voice within the CoCo Innovators realm.