About CloudCoco

Revolutionising the cloud and
connectivity industry.


Powerful. Customer-focused.

Years of sector experience teaches us that the cloud and connectivity sector needs a breath of fresh air. We believe it isn’t acceptable to serve organisations with cutting edge digital solutions using
archaic processes. So we set about changing this for good.

The idea of CloudCoco was born after observing how difficult it was to deal with major telecoms providers
for more than 20 years.

We decided that problems such as lack of flexibility, slow responses, high costs and constant omplexities should no longer be present in the cloud and onnectivity market, so we’ve got rid of them.

At CloudCoco we believe in two things:

  • Transforming your business through the power of the
    cloud has no reason to be complicated.
  • Within simplicity, talented people can create inspiring

We combine these beliefs to challenge the cloud industry
status quo and disrupt the traditional approach taken by
cloud service providers.

No headaches. No delays. The future starts now with CloudCoCo.



Mark Halpin

Managing Director


Mark has 15 years supplying cloud and connectivity solutions for some of the largest cloud, voice and connectivity based projects ever deployed in the UK. Over those 15 years Mark saw how deeply IT service providers grew more and more archaic in their processes against a backdrop of fast growing digital solutions. This didn’t wash, so Mark created CloudCoCo to provide a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the sector, creating a cloud and connectivity business with greater focus on innovation, customer experience, flexibility and partnership.Today this vision is a reality.

Graham Collinson

Group Sales Director


Graham is a highly energetic, results orientated proven business leader with 25-years knowledge in sales, marketing, business integration and people development across both Retail and Wholesale sectors, with a brilliant legacy that includes securing one of the largest public sector framework agreement contracts – with a total contract value of £80m. Graham brings his passion for customer service to CloudCoCo and a commitment to delighting customers with next-
generation dedication sure to unnerve the old guard

Darren Weston

Telephony Director


Darren began his career in the 1980’s as an engineer, establishing an industry renowned reputation with customers due to his innate ability to quickly identify and actualise desired outcomes.  Darren is highly skilled and, through his experience within the telephony sector, a trusted expert. Darren has a keen interest in emerging market trends and ensures CloudCoCo is  fully cognizant of the latest technologies and innovations to expand business capabilities. Darren is highly driven and has an untiring commitment  towards delivering client success.