Cloud & Application Security Testing

Reinforce your cloud and web application security through our stringent testing services

Unsecured cloud apps can easily compromise
your network

Cloud-based infrastructure and applications are turning into the new standard for enterprise computing, but without adequate security measures, they are easy targets for cyber attacks. However, maintaining cloud security that is efficient and cost-effective is difficult without an in-house cybersecurity expert. Instead of hiring an expensive specialist, opt for CloudCoCo’s cloud and application security testing services, which deliver the same results for a fraction of the price.

Our team will conduct various kinds of testing on your cloud infrastructure and web apps so we can fix any security vulnerabilities while maintaining accessibility and keeping costs low. Through regular testing and introduction of centralised security solutions, we’ll be able to monitor your systems and react quickly if any security breaches or events occur.

Secure your cloud infrastructure and web applications while keeping costs low with CloudCoCo

CloudCoCo’s cloud & application testing services are:

Scalable to efficiently test a multitude of apps and cloud services thoroughly

Unobtrusive to maintain unfettered accessibility for users yet retain the ability to test security instantly

Cost-effective as we can continually and affordably improve testing quality

Readily available as they can be deployed anytime 24/7/365


Cloud-application testing is a cyber security process that tests the security integrity of cloud-based applications and infrastructure with the intention of finding and fixing security vulnerabilities.

By using cloud-specific security scanning tools, CloudCoCo will scan each part of your cloud-based applications and infrastructure. Some applications will be directly uploaded into the program to scan for security vulnerabilities while others will be scanned according to their URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Your cloud services could be vulnerable to a number of security threats and they need to be scanned regularly to account for new threats. By testing regularly, our team can keep your cyber security up to date and secure.