Email Security

Prevent harmful phishing attacks, malware and ransomware with vigilant email security

With proactive email security solutions, you won’t have to worry about email attacks anymore

Email is indispensable in today’s business world, but it is also a common attack vector for malicious cyber threats. Whether it is a phishing attack or malware disguised as an innocuous attachment, emails are inherently risky and they need to be closely filtered and monitored to keep organisations safe.

By monitoring your email and attachments through email authentication services and secure email gateways, our team provides a full suite of security checks to keep your email safe. Email attachment scanning, domain detection and anomaly detection are just some of the security functions we deploy to stop common email attack vectors. Employee security training regarding email security best practices are equally important as many phishing attacks occur through human error.

With our email security services, you’ll be able send and receive emails without constantly worrying about cyber threats.

CloudCoCo’s email security services protect against:

Phishing attacks




Malicious URLs and domains