End-Point Protection

Keep your IT end-points secure with our proven security solutions

Your network can be compromised through
your end-points

End-points, like laptops, are common attack vectors that connect to the rest of your infrastructure. If they are exploited, your security network is totally compromised. Without an exhaustive end-point security solution, the rest of your security protocols will be bypassed easily. However, with CloudCoCo’s cyber security expertise, your IT end-points will be safeguarded against all threats.

Our security experts will learn your IT environment and carefully analyse each end-point. As soon as the analysis is complete, we will deploy security solutions that are customised to your needs. Integrating end-point security solutions such as Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) into your overall cyber security system is necessary because real-time monitoring enables us to detect and remediate security threats immediately.

Shield your end-point infrastructure against malicious threats with CloudCoCo’s expert guidance

With CloudCoCo protecting your end-points,
you can:

Deal with threats efficiently with instant notification and our suite of threat removal tools

Avoid zero-day attacks and ransomware attacks as security solutions prevent these from infiltrating your system

Control user access easily and prevent unauthorised access to your network

Monitor your end-points centrally to act quickly against a looming threat


End-point protection is a security solution that protects your servers, workstations, mobile devices and other end-point devices from malicious breaches that could lead to more serious attacks.

To keep your network protected, you need strong endpoint protection that is customised to fit your system. It consists of several security solutions such as Next-Generation Antivirus and End-point Detection and Response (EDR) that guard against specific attacks, and it also needs to provide constant monitoring functionality for instant alerts.

As experienced cyber security experts, CloudCoCo is the ideal partner to develop customised end-point protection solutions that are appropriate for your network. We’ll provide an easy-to-manage solution that has important features like granular access controls and threat prediction to stop malicious threats such as ransomware and zero-day attacks from attacking your network. This combination of expertise and deployment is the best form of end-point protection.

It is the first line of defence against cyber attacks or unauthorised access to your enterprise network, and it needs to be centrally controlled and integrated seamlessly into the rest of your security system. If your end-point security is compromised, the rest of your cyber security system will not be able keep out a cyber attack.