Penetration Testing

Without thorough penetration testing, you won’t be able to find and fix holes in your cyber security

Find out if your cyber security can withstand
the latest attacks

Cyber threats are always evolving and that’s why even the most robust cyber security system starts to show vulnerabilities and exploits over time. Without a regular assessment of your security solutions, you won’t realize where these vulnerabilities develop and thus, your network will be exposed to more sophisticated cyber threats. With regular penetration testing by CloudCoCo, your cyber security’s vulnerabilities will be found and patched immediately.

Our experienced security consultants simulate extremely realistic attacks that try to exploit your cyber defences from every attack vector. We will pinpoint security flaws and patch them immediately and through a combination of internal and external vulnerability scanning that fits your schedule and environment. Cyber security is a continuous process so we’ll keep monitoring your systems and inform you if immediate action is necessary.

Find and fix security vulnerabilities with regular penetration testing and frequent vulnerability scanning

CloudCoCo conducts penetration testing on:

Internal and External Hosts

Web Applications

Cloud Security

Wireless Network

Website Security

Social Engineering


Our experts will simulate cyber attacks that test every aspect of your cyber defences. This includes probing your points of access, user credentials, networks and systems. Successful attacks will indicate flaws in the security system, which we will then fix accordingly.

Penetration testing should be done annually at the very least, to maintain regulatory compliance standards (Source: National Cyber Security Centre).