Rapid quotes and delivery to help you buy
any of the IT ‘stuff’ you need, from any manufacturer.

“CloudCoCo” I.T. Procurement


We'll help you procure and supply your full range of IT and
communication services, systems and solutions.

CloudCoCo partners with every main IT hardware manufacturer to provide our clients with market information, real time availability and volume discounts from the IT channel. Average savings of 5 to 10% are typically delivered. Leverage our unique contacts and ecosystem to always deliver you the right hardware, at the right price, quoted in the right time frames and delivered on time every time.

CloudCoCo simplifies all the distribution relationships to ensure our client's gain access to new technologies at competitive prices. We aim to simplify the process of acquiring and deploying the right technologies, with the right availability at the right price. We use specialist procurement partners to source products and secure correct pricing and availability. This approach reduces the amount of time spent consulting multiple suppliers and further drives down the overall cost of your commodity based purchases.

We simply make your purchasing more effective and more engaging.




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