Asset Management

Full life cycle management to ensure your assets never become liabilities

Get maximum value and minimum risk from
all your IT assets

All the assets within your IT environment must be effectively managed; otherwise, they will continually hold your business back with inefficient processes, low ROI, wasted resources, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and more. But high-quality IT asset management requires more time, money and expertise that many businesses don’t have or can’t spare. That’s where CloudCoCo comes in.

We use the latest best practices to manage the life cycle of all your hardware, software, licences, data and services so they continually deliver value. Our tools, experience and processes ensure your assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded and disposed of appropriately and cost-effectively. No matter what changes occur, we make sure they support your strategic goals, deliver the capabilities your teams need and never waste resources.

From strategy and sourcing to maintenance and decommission, entrust your assets to the UK’s leading business IT experts for an affordable fee

Why is IT asset management important?

Because it drives business growth by:

Removing wasteful purchasesas well as unnecessary licenses and assets

Utilising existing resourcesand IT assets more effectively

Reducing spendingand also IT risks and management burdens

Improving productivity and regulatory compliance

Increasing visibility and management efficiency of every component of your IT systems via a configuration management database