Healthcare IT. GET WELL
and then GET FITTER.

We were behind the transformation of SPINE2, eRS, SUS and elements of Genomics. We were also behind the HSCN Peering Exchange. We now help you leverage that shiny new secure network....oh and we've collaborated with the very best.

"CloudCoCo and MLL Telecom coming together makes absolutely perfect sense"
Leading Health organisation

CloudCoCo and MLL Telecom have signed a strategic collaboration partnership to bring both parties deep level of health expertise together. This will provide the rapidly evolving Health Sector with the UK's most capable delivery partner of HSCN connectivity, alongside CloudCoCo who have brought their freshness, disruptive thinking, historical health experience and large collaborative ecosystem to the sector. Talented people, working together to help patients get better healthcare.

Crown Hosting Migration

Our experienced team will migrate you quickly and safely into Crown Hosting, which will move you one step closer to true digital transformation whilst lowering your current hosting costs.

Think of Crown Hosting as a potential 'transit lounge' to the greater cloud.We firmly believe, for Government hosting, that these are the most appropriate and secure hosting facilities available.


Hardware & ICT Procurement

Rapid quotes and delivery to help you buy
any of the IT ‘stuff’ you need, from any manufacturer.