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This is CloudCoCo V2.0.


Cloud-Native Analytics and Infrastructure for
Enterprise-ready Blockchain Applications.

End-to-End Visibility

Gain deep cost, performance
and application insights.

No manual instrumentation

Scale automatically and develop a visual representation of your application.

Reduce complexity

Remove complexity and switch to different protocols with no hassle.

Data analytics

Analyze traffic and usage of your blockchain environment.

Protect from distributed denial of
service attacks.

Attack mitigation insights

Transparent attack visibility and reporting.

Data breaches prevention

Stops DNS flood, reflection and amplification attacks.

Defend Against volumetric attacks

Multi-terabit capacity for attack mitigation.

Manage your entire application security
program in a single platform

Closing security defects

WIth 70% close rate by Veracode

Faster environment fixes

11 times faster with DevSecOps

Stop cybercriminals using email to pose
as executives and colleagues.

Visualise your attach vectors

Crystal clear idea of the problem as it happens globally.

Simple guided configuration

Configure all authorised sending
sources for DMARC compliant.

Domain monitoring

OnDMARC monitoring domain from any new threats

Each user monitors their own security,
contributing collectively to the protection of the company.

Security Dashboards

Designerd for users, easily
identify and report
unauthorised activities.

Smartphone Application

Mobile users to alert and
report any breach the
moment it occurs.

Incident Reporting Accuracy

Direct user notifications when suspicious activity is detected.

Focus on the Essential

Only genuine breaches are reported to the team.



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