Microsoft Training

Fun, high-impact trainings from certified Microsoft professionals

Minimise the new technology learning curve and get your money’s worth

Adopting new Microsoft technologies can drastically improve your business, but to get maximum benefit, end users must know how to efficiently use them to their full potential. Learning to use new technologies can be intimidating and overwhelming, but if you don’t, your productivity, ROI and even employee morale will suffer. That's why CloudCoCo offers Microsoft Training services.

We offer a complete range of training to ensure you get all the benefits Microsoft has to offer. Our expert trainers have years of experience mitigating learner resistance, managing group dynamics and facilitating on-the-job training transfer. From Azure to 365 administration to server products and everything in between, your staff will be able to more effectively use the products you paid for and deliver improved job performance.

Help your business and employees be more successful with our trainings that deliver:

Increased productivity as end users quickly learn to use all the efficiency-enhancing features of Microsoft

Improved employee satisfaction by giving them the support they need to perform well

Flexible delivery, with in-person, online and blended learning

Proven value, as we measure the ROI at multiple levels


UK businesses chose CloudCoCo’s Microsoft Training because it is:

  • Customised to your specific products and operational needs
  • Built on learning objectives that are linked to job performance metrics
  • Aligned with best pedagogical practices
  • Designed and delivered by learning design and facilitation experts
  • Supplemented by job aids and other resources that enhance learning and performance
  • Backed by on-the-job training transfer best practices