Our Mission

Revolutionising the cloud and connectivity industry with a refreshingly flexible, powerful and customer orientated approach
“Years of sector experience teaches us that the cloud and connectivity sector needs a breath of fresh air. We believe it isn’t acceptable to serve organisations with cutting edge digital solutions using archaic processes. So we set about changing this for good”

The idea of CloudCoco was born after observing how difficult it was to deal with major telecoms providers for more than 20 years. We decided that problems such as lack of flexibility, slow responses, high costs and constant complexities should no longer be present in the cloud and connectivity market, so we’ve got rid of them.

At CloudCoco we believe in two things:

  • Transforming your business through the power of the cloud has no reason to be complicated.
  • Within simplicity, talented people can create inspiring innovation.

We combine these beliefs to challenge the cloud industry status quo and disrupt the traditional approach taken by cloud service providers.

How do we challenge it? Our process is quick, simple and safe for Startups, Small and Large Enterprise businesses, health and government clients. We have eliminated the need for expensive and painfully interactions required by existing mid-to-large cloud service providers. You want more?

We are a people led business. For us, this means acknowledging the fact that what we provide you is not a one off purchase. We understand your needs are changing, demanding and different and we are going to devote enough time and energy to make sure our care to you is the best you’ve been given and is tailored to the needs you had this morning, not yesterday.

Our team comprises of cloud and connectivity experts unlocking business optimisation, cost savings and innovative solutions to business problems for clients of all sizes. We also champion putting the power back into the hands of customers, offering easy to use self service options through the powerful CloudCoco Marketplace and our other Next Generation customer portals 

No headaches, no delays and no hurdles. Just simple, responsive, cost effective and flexible cloud service solutions to meet the needs of our clients.


CloudCoCo. The future starts now.

CloudCoCo is proudly a people business, building a team of talented cloud, service and connectivity experts united behind the belief that our industry can be better, faster, slicker and more modern.

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