Protect your business from cyber attacks.


Cloudcoco have built a suite of the most innovative and secure cyber-security products.
let us assess your current vulnerabilities and get you to a safe place.

Where you are today vs. Where you want to go.

Security Assessment Discovery

We have clever people and clever software
to discover your IT infrastructure and
application landscape

Security Assessment Recommendations

We provide a plan to remediate, map,
migrate and manage you cloud

Redefining penetration testing engagements.

Consultant Led Penetration Testing

Thorough Penetration Test based on
exact requirements.

Frequent Vulnerability Scanning

Access to external and internal
Vulnerability Scanning

Broad. Integrated. Automated.

Network security

Gain high-performance security from
enterprise to branch.

Multi-Cloud security

Enable secure applications and
connectivity from data center to cloud.

Application security

Protect frequently targeted
business web applications.

Entire application security program.
ONE single platform.

Customers close

More than 70% of security defects.


11x faster than other developers

Stop cybercriminals using email to
pose as executives and suppliers.


Visualise your attack vectors, with a
crystal clear idea of the problem.


Simple guided steps to configure all
your authorised sending sources.

Each user monitors their own security, and contributes
to the protection of the company.

Security dashboard

One click security configuration
via recent, mode of access and more.

Smartphone Alert

SIEM app available on
iOS and Android devices.

Protect from distributed denial of service attacks.

Attack mitigation insights

Transparent attack visibility
and reporting.

Data breach prevention

Stops DNS flood, reflection
and amplification attacks.