About CloudCoco

The Cloudcoco Motivation Team


" Challenging the status quo is at the heart of our mission at CloudCoCo but the real pleasure comes from utilising the technology we have to improve real things. If we can help enable just one patient to gain access to the right care more effectively then we’ll be happy. We want to challenge the way things are done by utilising the effervescent energy and simplistic genius of the next generation. As we grow we’ll also reinvest in the next generation of talent. We want to make a difference with the tools at our disposal for your children and ours. "

Mark Halpin - Managing Director

" I’m very proud of my Mummy and Daddy as I see how excited they are about CloudCoCo. I love the name and I kind of think I came up with it because it reminds me of Cloud Cuckoo. My Daddy’s always telling me to never let anyone tell me that anything is impossible. My dream is to become a bit like my Daddy because I want to become a boss at CloudCoCo. I also want to become a gymnast even though Daddy is definitely not a gymnast."

Sophia Halpin - 9

" CloudCoCo makes me happy because it feels like a good company. I hope everybody can get some fun stuff from CloudCoCo and I also want to be the boss and work as hard as my Daddy "

Joseph Halpin - 7

Mark Halpin

Managing Director


Mark has 15 years supplying cloud and connectivity solutions for some of the largest cloud, voice and connectivity based projects ever deployed in the UK. Over those 15 years Mark saw how deeply IT service providers grew more and more archaic in their processes against a backdrop of fast growing digital solutions. This didn’t wash, so Mark created CloudCoCo to provide a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the sector, creating a cloud and connectivity business with greater focus on innovation, customer experience, flexibility and partnership. Today this vision is a reality.

Graham Collinson

Group Sales Director


Graham is a highly energetic, results orientated proven business leader with 25-years knowledge in sales, marketing, business integration and people development across both Retail and Wholesale sectors, with a brilliant legacy that includes securing one of the largest public sector framework agreement contracts – with a total contract value of £80m. Graham brings his passion for customer service to CloudCoCo and a commitment to delighting customers with next-generation dedication sure to unnerve the old guard MSPs and drive the status quo into the past.

Darren Weston

Telephony Director


Darren began his career in the 1980’s as an engineer, establishing an industry renowned reputation with customers due to his innate ability to quickly identify and actualise desired outcomes. Darren is highly skilled and, through his experience within the telephony sector, a trusted expert. Darren has a keen interest in emerging market trends and ensures CloudCoCo is  fully cognizant of the latest technologies and innovations to expand business capabilities. Darren is highly driven and has an untiring commitment  towards delivering client success.


" We are ultra responsive, different in our approach and creative. We lever passionate working relationships with our prospects, clients, connections and collaborative partners.

We will continue to generate fantastic results for the people who truly believe in us and act in a unique, energetic, flexible and transparent way at all times. Here are the highly talented experts who, along with CloudCoCo, are revolutionising the industry. I believe my most important job as CEO is to facilitate your access to my talented team, at all times ... and to remind everybody that the ‘impossible’ is in fact usually possible"

Mark Halpin - Managing Director

Jeremy Parker

Group Operations Director



Jeremy has 23 years’ experience working in the industry, with a consistent record of positioning organisations for success. Jeremy’s focus is ensuring CloudCoCo’s deployments are right first time, demonstrating a profound dedication to operational excellence and driving processes that keep its customers in the know.  Jeremy has a strong, in depth understanding of how IT services deliver business outcomes that delight, and  provides the future proof vision needed so our customers receive a top-class experience now and in the future. Having worked in various roles with the Greater Manchester Police, Jeremy’s experience is second to none.

Darron Giddens

Group Finance Director



Having made the switch from the Financial Services industry in 1994, where he qualified as an Accountant, Darron has operated as an extremely accomplished Finance Director in the IT and Telecommunications industry for 25 years. Prior to his success at CloudCoCo during his time as Finance Director for Pinnacle, Darron oversaw the acquisition and integration of six private companies in the IT and Telecoms sectors into the Plc, these combined businesses subsequently being sold to Chess ICT Limited in 2016. As CloudCoCo’s Finance Director, Darron plays a key role in integrating and shaping the groups structure to enable healthy, enduring results. Additionally, Darron’s expertise and insight are vital in his role as Company Secretary for CloudCoCo Group Plc. Darron has five children, ranging from age 11 to 26, but luckily for him … he has since purchased a television!

Phil Curwood

Chief Technology Officer



Phil is responsible for CloudCoCo’s technology strategy and plays a key role in driving new initiatives.Phil is a proven leader with 29 years of experience in managing diverse product portfolios and strategies, and in working closely with channel partners to drive the solution engine innovation. Phil has a broad range of IT skills enhanced whist overseeing medium to large-scale project design and deployment. His experience spans from SMEs to major blue chip stock organisations providing product and feature development reliability and effectiveness. Phil has a love for technology, specialising in technology such as Azure, Office365, Skype for Business, Microsoft Server Architecture, WAN and LAN Architecture, Contact Centre Environments, VM Ware and Citrix.

Andy Mills



Andy started his career as an engineer but quickly moved from fixing technical problems to understanding the value of technology. Andy’s great passion and skillset is bringing new, innovative & disruptive technologies to the UK market. In doing so he has been instrumental in delivering differentiated value through new technology to businesses across the UK over the past 20 years. Andy’s belief is that if businesses do not adapt to new ways of creating value & maintaining competitive edge by the use of technology, they will be overtaken.
He has joined CloudCoCo because he believes it will make the difference.