CloudCoCo is a UK provider of IT and communications solutions to businesses and public sector organisations.
Our vision is to put people at the heart of solving business challenges with modern technology.

Our position in the market

We are plotting a path towards becoming a Top-25 UK Managed Services business with revenues of £100m, having spent the past few years building a strong, scalable platform.
This will be achieved through a combination of carefully selected acquisitions in our chosen markets, a focus on attracting new customers, and driving increased spend from existing customers.

Our growth will be accelerated through an increased emphasis on forming strategic partnerships, providing low-cost, low-risk access to new ideas, customers and innovation, ensuring we continue to punch above our weight.
Our proposition will be built around four principal areas: Connectivity, Multi-Cloud, Collaboration and Cyber Security.

Connectivity: further to recent acquisitions, we have a comprehensive set of network assets at our disposal that are currently not being used to their fullest potential. We intend to rebrand these and leverage them to create new revenue streams and win contracts with much larger, multisite organisations where speed and secure access to data centres around the UK are essential.

Multi-Cloud: we are committed to building CloudCoCo into a northern, multi-cloud powerhouse; a truly agnostic partner able to offer customers the solution that best suits their business needs. This will be a key area of investment.

Collaboration: telephony is in CloudCoCo’s DNA. We have most of the building blocks to accelerate growth in this area and are actively exploring strategic partnerships that will take us to the next level.

Cyber Security: CloudCoCo has built a strong reputation for its cyber security capability, centred around strong relationships with industry giants such as Fortinet. It is our intention to bolster our capabilities and accreditations through new and extended collaborations.