Why Invest?

See why investing in CloudCoCo is a smart move

5 reasons to grow with CloudCoCo


Big ambitions and a clear strategy

We are plotting a path towards becoming a Top-25 UK Managed Services business with revenues of £100m, having spent the past few years building a strong, scalable platform. This will be achieved through a combination of carefully selected acquisitions in our chosen markets, a focus on attracting new customers, and driving increased spend from existing customers. Our growth will be accelerated through an increased emphasis on forming strategic partnerships, providing low-cost, low-risk access to new ideas, customers and innovation, ensuring we continue to punch above our weight.


Fragmented marketplace brings substantial growth opportunities

The UK managed IT services industry is heavily fragmented, meaning there is a significant opportunity to supplement organic growth with inorganic. In a relatively short space of time, we have built a reputation for our ability to identify, acquire and turn around businesses that will help us realise our growth ambitions, and we continue to appraise targets we think would be a good strategic fit. The landscape remains ripe for consolidation, and we intend to lead the way.


A disciplined focus on building long-term, contracted recurring revenue

An important facet of our focus is the prioritisation of multi-year contracts and renewals over single-year deals. These types of agreements enhance the value of the business by increasing cash flow and improving revenue forecastability.


Experienced and proven management, with interests closely aligned to shareholders’

Our senior leadership and advisory team has a track record of entrepreneurial success built on a customer-centric approach, strong emphasis on business development and sound industry understanding. They have a clear vision for how to create long-term value in the business, and with significant management skin in the game, they are highly incentivised to deliver.


Well-positioned to benefit from shifts in IT requirements

IT and communications infrastructure requirements are changing, and managed services providers that don’t adapt will be left behind. Nowadays, organisations demand solutions that not only allow them to function but also align with their overall business objectives. Adoption of multi-cloud solutions is on the rise, cyber security continues to be at the very top of agendas in boardrooms across the country and, with remote working now commonplace, robust collaboration tools are vital. At CloudCoCo, we recognised these trends early on, and are building our proposition around them.