Why Invest?

See why investing in CloudCoCo is a smart move

5 reasons to grow with CloudCoCo


A clear growth strategy in place

Having successfully completed the “Get Well” and “Get Fit” phases of our plan, we have now entered “Get Bigger”, with a focus on driving new business and scaling the Group through selective acquisitions.
As we grow, we maintain a focus on four key areas. These are: accelerate sales, maintain excellent support levels, maintain cost vigilance and improve the cash position.


Substantial growth opportunities in a fragmented marketplace

There are many managed IT services providers in the UK, but few are as nimble as and offer the same scope and quality of services as CloudCoCo. Against the backdrop of an increasingly sophisticated IT world and supported by some of the best talent in the industry and strong relationships with blue-chip technology vendors, CloudCoCo has a systematic approach to finding new opportunities and a tried-and-tested strategy for converting new business and growing our market share. At the same time, this fragmentation presents a significant opportunity to supplement organic growth with inorganic. The company continues to appraise potential targets that would be a good strategic fit.


A disciplined focus on building long-term, contracted recurring revenue

An important facet of CloudCoCo’s focus is the prioritisation of multi-year contracts and renewals over single-year deals. These types of agreements enhance the value of the business by increasing cash flow and improving revenue forecastability.


Experienced and proven management, with interests closely aligned to shareholders’

CloudCoCo’s senior leadership and advisory team has a track record of entrepreneurial success built on a customer-centric approach, strong emphasis on business development and sound industry understanding. They have a clear vision for how to create long-term value in the business, and with significant management skin in the game, they are highly incentivised to deliver.


Well-positioned to benefit from structural change

IT and communications infrastructure is increasingly extending beyond physical premises, including the now commonplace trend of remote working. Such decentralised operations bring with them several challenges, particularly around cybersecurity and collaboration. But CloudCoCo’s mix of in-house expertise and deep relationships with leading technology providers give it a strong competitive edge in a dynamic industry.