ThinkPad C13

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When you think of yoga you conjure up images for bending, stretching, making shapes with your body, and that is what Lenovo has brought you with this laptop, a laptop that confidently bends with elegant transition.


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Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Review

The flagship Lenovo laptop is the ThinkPad series and the first of the these were released in 1992.

The biggest and most well-known fact about this is that they have been to outer space and for many years they were the only laptops certified with the International Space Station.

The design of these ThinkPad laptops is highly recognisable with their solid black and boxy (although some newer models are now curved) look based on the Japanese bento box; you need to open them to find the goodies!

Not surprising then that the ‘Father of the ThinkPad’ is a Japanese engineer and product designer Arimasa Naitoh.

These are well known for being solid, high performing computers that are perfect for any business, they feature slim design spill-resistant keyboard, security protected features and they are manufactured to be strong in build.

What is new with this model of Lenovo?
Chrome OS

So, what is different about the Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga? Quite a lot of the same high standard you have come to
expect but let us start with that fact that this is a Chromebook not Windows or Linux like previous models.

large amount of time online or using web-based applications, commonly referred to as Chrome Extensions.

This means that for Chrome OS to work smoothly it boots up fast and opening tabs is snappy and quick, a bonus to any web surfer.

It is cloud based computing. What does that mean? A ‘cloud’ is the on-demand availability if computer resources you can pull from anywhere.

It means that the operating system (applications and user data) is run and saved from the cloud which in turn means you can get your hands on your work or data from any location.

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As already mentioned, the yoga flexibility on this model has a firmness to it when using its 360-degree feature.

This Lenovo ThinkPad C13 can transform itself with ease from an original laptop that we all recognise into a tablet, a tent, and a stand with its truly sturdy dual hinge design.

When flipped around the active window becomes a full window in one seamless operation.

Once in tablet mode you may not be able to have multiple tabs open, but you can work in a split screen mode.

Whilst there is the expected webcam front and centre on the screen – with a manual privacy shutter, or shade as some call it – there is also an additional wide angle world facing camera nestling in the bottom half of the laptop right under the screen.

In tablet display mode this camera performs with decent dynamic range, it has an auto focus as well as crystal clear capturing.

Stowable Pen

At the front of the base of this Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga is a cleverly designed pen garage that houses the pen.

Easy to pull out, flush to the case, and having the pen stored means two obvious advantages, you will not lose this pen and it will always be charged up to use when you need it.

The two charging pins on the pen mean once docked it will charge automatically.

This pen supports pressure sensitivity on the screen for artwork as well as working well when using it to write with


As with all ThinkPad’s the C13 is resistant to dust, solar radiation, it is abuse resistant (it does not break if falling from a desk), humidity, sand, fungus collection and the C13 has a spill proof keyboard deck.

The case is made from aluminium and is a beautiful deep shade of blue so Lenovo has come away from its recognisable black case.

Weighing 1.5 pounds and slim enough to fit into bags and back packs it has a supreme build quality which is easily comparable to a tank giving the C13 a truly premium feel.

The air intake is at the bottom of the C13 with the exhaust out the back, and the fan is muted when the devise is working hard.

The keyboard has large well-spaced keys that have a sturdy tactile feel with a satisfying click when typing on them.

The keyboard is back lit with one illuminating colour too.

The infamous red nub in the centre of the keyboard is always handy despite the keyboard having a smooth tracker pad with additional clickable buttons.

If you work with gloves on for example in a lab then the nub comes into its own.

There is a dedicated fingerprint scanner by the tracker pad which gives easy access once locked but when booting up you will need password entry.

External connection ports

There are plenty of ports on this model that mean the Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga has you covered for all your needs.

On one side there is a USB (Gen 1) that is a fully functioning multi service USB being able to take power in and video out. Next up are two USB 3.

A microphone and headphones jack port sitting next to a micro-SD Card slot which is great for taking media around with you.

Then the one of the speakers, the other speaker sits on the other side giving the user stereo separation when using audio.

Turning to the other side you will find a power on button, and a volume rocker which is a lovely touch for when in tablet mode as you do not have to fiddle with the screen to adjust your volume.

An HDMI port for hooking up external displays followed by a USB-C full-service port and lastly a Kensington lock port for added security which will lock this laptop down to your desk.