Strategy and Business Model

CloudCoCo is a UK provider of IT and communications solutions to businesses and public sector organisations.
Our vision is to put people at the heart of solving business challenges with modern technology.

We have three simple business objectives:


Secure new customers

One of the key benefits of the acquisition of CloudCoCo Ltd was the strong and experienced business development team it brought with it. We have worked hard to professionalise and optimise our sales and marketing teams and have clear customer acquisition plans across our key enterprise, SMB and public sector markets. Working closely with our technology partners, we generate leads both directly through carefully targeted campaigns and through referrals from the partners themselves.


Deepen relationships with existing customers

With IT infrastructure increasingly extending beyond physical premises and the potential security pitfalls that go with that, the opportunity to help organisations navigate a broad and complex range of issues and technology choices has never been greater. We have a singular focus on delivering exceptional customer service and believe that if we can maintain those standards, customers will not only stay for life but will be happy to spend more with us as their business needs evolve.


Develop our collaborative partnership ecosystem

A key competitive advantage of CloudCoCo is its diverse ecosystem of partnerships with blue-chip technology vendors and we are committed to building stronger relationships with them while bringing others into the fold. Our network means we can deliver world-class solutions and is an important source of new business. The mutual revenue opportunities are vast and we’re excited about the potential for future collaborations.

Our position in the market

Fuelled by a trend towards mobile and remote access, the IT managed services marketplace in the UK is a fast-growing and heavily fragmented one, made up of a wide variety of providers, from giant multinational corporations with touchpoints across the managed services spectrum to smaller, local operations focused on one or two. We have built CloudCoCo to be the best of both worlds.

On the one hand, we are a tight-knit, entrepreneurial group of experts. We value a personal approach and understand that, first and foremost, organisations want simple, reliable and secure IT services that allow them to get on with making their businesses successful without hassle or worry. Our asset-light nature means we are agile, flexible, and able to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and the rapidly evolving environment in which we operate.

On the other hand, over many years we have developed deep relationships with and are trusted by some of the world’s largest and most innovative and forward-thinking technology companies like Microsoft, Mitel and Fortinet. This means we can offer customers the very latest enterprise-grade technology that would otherwise be beyond the budgetary constraints of all but the largest businesses, while being able to scale easily in response to demand.

Where many IT managed services companies focus on engineering the needs customers to fit limited, cookie cutter offerings, CloudCoCo starts with customers’ needs and works backwards, leveraging in-house expertise and access to best-in-class technology to design and implement bespoke packages that give them exactly what they need.

We still view ourselves as being at the beginning of our journey but know what it takes to reach our goals and are excited about what the future holds.