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The 10 Hidden Costs of an On-Premise (PBX) Phone System

Many on-premise phone system (PBX) manufacturers claim that the 5 year costs of their systems are lower than an equivalent Cloud PBX alternative.

What they don’t tell you is all the little extra hidden costs that come as a result of the limitations of the hardware and software in their systems.

This guide will provide you with useful questions to ask your PBX manufacturer to discern if you are getting the full picture.

Read our latest eBook to assess how prepared your business is.

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Moving To A New Business Phone System - What You Need To Know

Phone systems have been installed in offices of all different sizes for more than 40 years, providing a vital service to the business. Since then, telephone call handling has matured to become intertwined with the day-to-day process of running the business.

As technology evolves, many existing devices may not be suitable anymore for the purpose they originally served and when looking at new options, there's just far too much choice! Desk phones aren't necessarily a requirement anymore and new phone solutions often involve running a client on your PC, tablet or phone.

It all seems a bit confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Take a look at our quick guide on what to consider when moving your business phone system onto something new!

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How proactive is your IT partner at fixing problems?

If your IT is always breaking, it could be time to change suppliers.

Today with advanced monitoring technology, your IT provider should be aware there is a problem before you become aware.

In our latest eBook, we discuss what to expect from your IT partner in 2021. Don’t waste any more time calling IT support lines and raising tickers, switch today!

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Microsoft 365 is like a treasure hunt, full of delights waiting to be discovered

Most businesses get it just to access the basics like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams. And then they discover there are so many other apps included, usually as standard.

Find the right ones and you can be more efficient, increase productivity and motivation, and create a smoother workflow for everyone in your business. With more of us working remotely, that’s never been more important.

But finding the right apps to suit your business isn’t always easy. There are literally hundreds to choose from.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone wrote a guide to the best hidden apps in 365? We have, download your copy today.

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Revealed: The true cost of double agents – and how to prevent them

We don’t want to think it but the biggest threats to your business work for us, they’re on our payroll and are the biggest threat to your business’s data.

Often, these incidents with employees are not intentional, it can be as simple as a well-meaning employee clicking on a phishing email link by mistake.

But there are some attacks caused by malicious attackers, deliberately looking to do damage, or make money or damage your businesses reputation.

But there is good news, these kinds of attacks can be prevented and minimised by focusing on five key areas in your IT strategy.

Read our latest eBook to assess how prepared your business is.

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Important cyber threats to worry about

The growth of threats seen against all business has increased exponentially over the last decade?
Its estimated there is currently over 1 Billion pieces of Malware software now on the internet.

But what is malware? Simply put, it’s a malicious piece of software that’s been designed to do damage to your IT systems, or steal your data.

Malware terrifies the IT managed service providers like ourselves and it should terrify you too.

To give you the knowledge you need to stay protected against these threats, we’ve written our latest eBook detailing the nine most common malware threats we see today.
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Crisis: Your office is on fire

Its one of those things we hope never happens but unfortunately disasters can happen to anyone at any time. Although we don’t like to consider the worst, we prepare regardless, like by having an insurance policy.

Being prepared for this unlikely scenarios is as important as ever, have you asked yourself recently, if there had been a fire in your office last night, what would you wish you’d got round to doing?

In our brand new eBook we’ll show you the kind of data you need to make a priority to keep your business protected from any disaster.

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Repair or replace?
The key signs that you need a new computer

It’s always tempting to hold back on purchasing new IT equipment. Yet it can sometimes cost you more if you hang onto equipment for too long.

Did you know that if a device is more than 3 years old it’s actually cheaper to buy a new one? Read our brand new guide now. And you’ll learn 7 signs that will tell you whether or not you need new computers.

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The Top 5 questions we say yes to, not all IT providers are the same…

The current global situation made many businesses question the quality of the IT support they were receiving.

Our goal is to partner with our customers and prove why we say yes to all 5 questions, and we’d be delighted to answer with a very positive YES!

Download our guide and ask yourself does your current provider say yes to all these? If not, get in touch today.

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The 2021 productivity guide

Now 2020 is over we’re all looking forward to our futures, we want to help all our partners make this a year to remember.

Let us forget those memories of 2020 together, and focus on providing a great experience to your customer and grow your business. Excellent.

We believe in helping all our partners achieve more helping you and your team to get more done.

Our team have come together and we’ve produce our 2021 productivity super guide, we explore setting goals, collaborating, and improving communication.

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