The ultimate guide to

secure hyperscaling in the cloud

and how to do it for free!

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With many organisations still relying on restrictive cloud infrastructures, others yet to even begin leveraging the benefits of cloud, and the market crowded with seemingly similar hyperscalers all vying for customers’ attention, it can prove difficult to know where to turn.

Add mounting security complexities into the mix, and confusion levels inevitably rise. And that’s before we consider the funding that’s available to help businesses migrate to the cloud for free.

But when you find a partner that’s truly cloud agnostic — not to mention willing to speak their mind — the picture suddenly starts to become a lot clearer…

And then, the sky’s the limit!


With the help of this straight-talking guide, you’ll discover:

  • Who the hyperscalers are and, in our opinion, why each of them is different.
  • How to develop a cloud-agnostic approach to your tech future.
  • What you need to do, to ensure a robust security fabric at your cloud’s core.
  • The misconceptions that exist surrounding the ‘cost of cloud’ and how to supercharge your cloud strategy, for free!
  • Sustainability considerations to protect your ‘green’ conscience.
  • Where to turn next, in 2024 and beyond.

And so much more!

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“In the tech industry, promises often fall short. But with CloudCoCo, our experience has been truly transformative. They not only deliver what they commit but consistently go above and beyond. As the backbone of our critical healthcare projects, operating on a multi-cloud platform with AWS and Microsoft, agility and efficiency are paramount. CloudCoCo not only ensures our systems remain robust and adaptable, but has a deserved seat at the table when it comes to making critical business decisions too, allowing us to focus on what truly matters – transforming healthcare for the better.”

Lee Francis, co-founder and head of international sales and marketing, PatientSource