Adaptive Cloud Security

Protect your assets, no matter where they are held without increasing the burden on already over stretched IT teams using CloudCoCo’s Adaptive Cloud Security Solutions.

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Protecting your applications and data in a dynamic world

As businesses continue to enact digital transformation, organisations are increasingly adopting cloud-based services and infrastructures to run/provide their critical business applications and store their data.

With many cloud providers and SaaS services available to businesses, managing and monitoring the security has placed increased strain and complexities on IT departments.

Yet these additional complexities don’t need to exist.

With the Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security Solutions provided by CloudCoCo, IT teams will have visibility and control across various cloud services, enabling end to end security from securing the application and connectivity through to the user accessing the data.

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Cloud Platform Security

As businesses continue with their digital transformation revolution, new technology, tools and services are added to the corporate network, increasing the potential ways cybercriminals can exploit weaknesses.

If organisations protect themselves with a variety of solutions from different providers, then the complexity and risks associated will increase exponentially.

IT Security Teams need a ‘single pane of glass’ to have visibility, and to define and enforce a consistent security policy regardless of where the data is held.

Utilising the Fortinet Security Fabric provides organisations with a complete view of their security from the user and devices accessing the network, through to securing the data and applications, all managed and monitored through a single console.

Gaining Visibility and control of SaaS services.

With the FortiCASB-SaaS service from CloudCoCo, organisations can monitor SaaS activities and the configuration of the services using the Security-as-a-Service Application API. IT Security Departments will have full visibility over the application usage and be able to monitor potential cyber incidents including the spread of Ransomware or a potential data leakage.

Gaining Visibility and Control of IaaS Services

With the FortiCWP service from CloudCoCo, IT teams can utilise the public cloud management API to monitor all activities and the configurations of multiple clouds regardless of the provider. As an additional benefit, the service also provides consistent compliance reporting and will streamline any incident investigation.

Application Security

Businesses are adopting more and more cloud-based applications to deliver their digital transformation strategies, however this adds additional problems for IT teams and to reduce this burden they require a consistent approach with simple management tools.

CloudCoCo’s advanced application layer security controls offer organisations flexibility to choose cloud services based on their business requirements rather than being limited by security limitations.

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Securing Web Applications

CloudCoCo offers a complete suite of services to protect your web applications.

  • FortiWeb-VM
    Fortinet’s industry leading cloud-based firewall available today from CloudCoCo on all major cloud platforms. It protects the application API’s and also secures the front end of the web application to protect you against the latest Cyber Threats.
  • FortiGate-VMs
    When integrated together with FortiWeb, the FortiGate-VMs will enforce security policies with the added benefit of increasing visibility for the IT security teams.
  • FortiCloud Sandbox
    When a ‘unknown threat’ is potential detected, the FortiCloud Sandbox service performs dynamic analysis to ensure the ‘unknown file’ is not a threat to the organisation.

Securing Productivity applications (M365)

By utilising the Fortinet Security Fabric approach, organisations have full visibility and control over their emails and potential threats with the additional benefit of monitoring and protecting the entire Microsoft 365 environment with the use of the Office 365 API layer.

Cloud Network Security

As the secure office network edges have become blurred with the adoption of cloud computing, organisations now require secure network connectivity across all the locations they access data from. For many they need to have full visibility and be able to control access at all points.

Securing the Multi-Cloud environments.

In order to secure the hybrid cloud deployments organisations rely on today, a “single pane of glass solution” is required to have instant visibility and response quickly to any potential threats as they happen.

CloudCoCo offers the FortiGate-VM Next Generation Firewall and the Fortinet Cloud Security Solutions portfolio to ensure your connectivity remains secure, network segmentation is achieved, and the applications organisations rely on remain secure even when they are deployed across multiple cloud providers.

With our solutions organisations have a centralised, consistent security policy enforcement tool with the added benefit of being able to connect directly through high-speed VPN tunnels.

The service is deployed directly into all major public cloud providers and works seamlessly with the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Cloud Security Services Hub

By deploying the Fortinet Security Fabric of solutions into your cloud environments and applications, your IT teams will benefit from a centralised, shared, and consistent security enforcement tool.

Everything is accessible from a cloud-based security hub giving you complete visibility of your entire organisation regardless of where data, applications or the users are in the world.