Fortinet Security Fabric for Digital Security Everywhere You Need It

A strong Cyber Security approach only works when all the elements work together, with the Fortinet Security Fabric from CloudCoCo, everything from your people, devices and applications are protected through a single approach.

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The Security Fabric

CloudCoCo’s Fortinet solutions make possible a digital world you can trust, Fortinet’s stated mission is. “…to secure people, devices,
and data everywhere”.

To do this, Fortinet has developed their “Security Fabric”, a complete suite of Cyber Security solutions designed to
protect everyone and everything through a single, easily manageable solution.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is comprised of a number of services, which when combined provide full and complete protection.

The fabric is made of:

  • FortiOS
  • Fabric Management Center – SOC
  • Fabric Management Center - NOC
  • Zero Trust Access
  • FortiGuard Threat Intelligence
  • Security-Driven Networking
  • Adaptive Cloud Security

Within each element of the fabric, Fortinet has developed their individual services to be flexible to meet an organisation’s needs.

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Here is how CloudCoCo protects you with our Security Fabric


At the heart of everything Fortinet does is their independently tested and recommended Fortinet Operation System call FortiOS. The latest version FortiOS 7.0 has just been released enhancing their capabilities even further.

FortiOS is the operating system used by both the Physical and Virtual firewall services (FortiGate) available from CloudCoCo, it enables 300+ features and functions and is the heart of the Security Fabric

Fabric Management Center – SOC

The Security Operations Centre (SOC) management tools give a holistic view of the endpoints, potential breaches and allow you to respond to incidents through a single management console.

The Fabric Management Centre protects your organisation utilising the following tools available today from CloudCoCo:

  • Endpoints

    • FortiEDR
    • FortiXDR
  • Breaches

    • FortiSandbox
    • FortiAI
    • FortiDeceptor
  • Incident Response

    • FortiAnalyser
    • FortiSOAR
    • FortiSIEM
    • FortiGuard MDR Service

Fabric Management Center – NOC

Like above, the Network Operations Centre Management tools from CloudCoCo give you a holistic view of your network’s defences at the edge, this is the most common place a potential cyber threat will be detected and blocked.

The NOC Management Centre brings together the following Fortinet services available from CloudCoCo in a single console for easy of management.

  • FortiManager
  • FortiCloud
  • FortiMonitor
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Zero Trust Network Access

The number of devices connected to a corporate network and with potential access to business-critical information has exploded over recent years with the advent of IoT and Bring your own Device (BYOD) policies.

If a cybercriminal compromises one of these devices, they will potential have unrestricted access to a business’s systems. Cybercriminals can achieve this via installing Malware which was sent to the user in a Phishing email.

Today it can take businesses an average of 197 days to detect a threat on one of these devices.

The past approach was the ‘Trust’ all devices connected to a network by default, but this approach leaves to many vulnerabilities in an organisation’s cyber defences.

To address this, IT teams must adopt a Zero Trust Approach, this is where the opposite happens and by default a device is not given unrestricted access just because it connects to a corporate network.

The Fortinet Access Solutions control which devices and users are trusted to connect to a network, removing the administrative burden that is placed on IT teams today.

The solutions will give you visibility of what devices are on your network, who is accessing your network and allows business to protect their assets on and off their corporate network.

By using 2 factor authentication, Network Access Controls and linking this with the Fortinet Security Fabric you will have complete control and peace of mind of who is able to access the businesses assets.

The Fortinet solutions which secure who can access your network include:

  • FortiClient
  • FortiNAC
  • FortiToken
  • FortiAuthenticator

FortiGuard Threat Intelligence

FortiGuard Threat Intelligence is the brains behind the Security Fabric. FortiGuard Labs are the specialist Fortinet Team who intercept the latest threats taking place across their customers, centralised the investigation and coordinates ensuring all their customers security devices are made aware of the latest threats before they cause any damage.

FortiGuard Labs is constantly researching and responding to the latest threats, even before they are detected and take away the need for costly inhouse Cyber Security Experts.

Today there are over 100 billion security events analysed per day, 2600 malicious sites blocked per second, 65,000 bot-net attacks stopped per minute and over 10 million unauthorised network access attempts stopped per minute worldwide by the team.

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Security-Driven Networking

The number of ‘edges’ to our networks has increased exponentially over the last few years and this has given the cyber criminals more ways the exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to a businesses network, applications and data.

Traditionally sensitive data was only accessible when inside a corporate network, i.e., in the office but the move to the cloud and home working has changed this and businesses must adapt now to protect themselves.

The criminals are constantly changing the ways they attack an organisation, and each area of vulnerability needs to be addressed.

  • LAN Edge
    Starting within the office building we have the LAN Edge, users can connect using WiFi or physical LAN cables but both expose potential problems. Fortinet address this risk with;

    • FortiAP
    • Fortinet’s WiFi solutions
    • FortiSwitch
    • Fortinet’s LAN switches
  • WAN Edge
    The WAN edge is the external point when a criminal can gain access using many methods including via the internet. Fortinet’s solutions which protect the WAN edge include;

    • FortiGate SD-WAN
    • FortiExtender
  • DC Edge
    An organisation data centres are another way cyber criminals can exploit vulnerabilities. Regardless of the cloud approach your organisation has taken, private cloud or Bare Metal, the Fortinet solutions will provide you with the comfort the applications hosted in your data centre, and the potential back doors into your corporate network are protected. This is achieved using;

    • FortiGate
    • FortiProxy
  • Cloud Edge
    More and more applications and data are being moved into the Cloud by organisations and many organisations do not realise that the public cloud providers do not provide protection for the Applications or Data that they host. They only protect the infrastructure the services is hosted on as standard.
    As part of their security fabric, the Fortinet solutions extend to all major cloud providers. Protection is achieved using;

    • FortiSASE
    • FortiSolator

Adaptive Cloud Security

As organisations continue on their digital transformation journey, more applications and data than ever are being hosted off site in public and private cloud-based services.

This transformation has moved the traditional security perimeter from the confines of the office network and securing these environments requires a new approach.

As part of the planning to secure cloud environments, organisations need to consider 3 elements;

  • Securing the Platform
  • Securing the Application
  • Securing the Network

By using the Fortinet Fabric Security Solutions from CloudCoCo, integrated with your existing security systems, organisations will have a holistic view of all their assets, whether hosted in the cloud, accessed through an office network or accessed remotely via VPN technologies.

The adaptive cloud security solutions available from CloudCoCo include;

  • Platform

    • FortiCASB
    • AWS Native
    • FortiCWP
    • Azure Native
  • Applications

    • FortiWeb
    • FortiADC
    • FortiMail
    • Azure Native
  • Networking

    • FortiGate-VM
    • FortiDDos
    • Cloud Networking
    • FortiSegment