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GPU Servers are designed for high compute application, delivering the power the modern IT world needs to keep innovating

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GPU Servers explained

Before we explain GPU Servers, let's briefly mention these terms you've most likely already heard of. A GPU or Graphics Processing Unit you might know of as the computer chip that delivers the content shown on your display and this is still the case, especially for gamers.

We also know of the CPU, or central processing unit, which we all see as the ‘brain’ of our computer making all the decisions (processing). 

However, there are some fundamental differences between the two;

A CPU is essential to completing a series of tasks, like responding to a key board stroke, accessing the hard drive and collating information for an application to process. CPU’s have a limited number of cores and a large amount of cache memory to help them complete these complex tasks.

A GPU has many cores capable of processing millions of smaller tasks but simultaneously making them ideal for graphics where millions of lines of data need to be processed simultaneously in order to display an image on a screen. Today supercomputers and AI based machine learning need to process 1000’s of smaller tasks at once making the GPU Server ideal for these applications.

How does it do that? Unlike a CPU, inside the GPU chip is hundreds and thousands of tiny computing units or cores that work in parallel together making them faster than a handful of bigger cores, think a single road versus a motorway. 

A GPU Server works for businesses that use graphics of any kind, machine learning, video editing or gaming applications. 

The scope of a GPU server is massive, for example:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.
  • Statistics and predictive models.
  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis.
  • Design and 3D-modeling (visualisation).
  • Big Data analysis and processing.
  • Graphic rendering in various applications of video content processing.
  • Computer games and simulators.
  • GPU computing in science research for example in molecular chemistry, biochemistry, flow fluid dynamics, mathematics, probabilistic calculus, to name a few.

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We provide GPU Servers installed and supported by our team of experts.

GPU Servers from CloudCoCo

CloudCoCo working with THG Hosting is offering some of the fastest GPU servers available.

Our solutions, if required, come with custom packages delivered by one of the world's leading server providers. 

GPU cards available from CloudCoCo include:

  • NVIDIA® T4
  • NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core
  • (Coming soon) NVIDIA® A40

In many scenario’s, GPU Servers will reduce your costs and achieve a dramatic throughput boost for your workloads. 

More than that, our partnership with THG Hosting means services can be deployed globally from industry leading data centres in 30 countries.

Using a GPU server will give any business an increased ability to run high compute applications or Artificial intelligence solutions whilst reducing pressure on the servers overall operations. 

At the same time, it will be able to render, use a buffer memory, data process, and data preserve amongst other jobs. Efficient computing power is the way forward for real productivity.

What CloudCoCo’s GPU servers
will offer you

CloudCoCo’s GPU Server solutions will offer you the following:


Turbocharged operating with multiple cores concurrently resulting in advantageous proficiency and speed.


The GPU servers have the ability to easily expand. All their units are versatile meaning if a business grows or changes or adds new directions we can assist with our superior flexibility.

Compute Power

The combination of both GPU and CPU when configured correctly will maximise the efficiency of the applications being run on the server delivering a faster, better user experience

CloudCoCo as a UK partner of THG hosting offer GPU servers tailored to any company’s requirements, reducing costs, and delivering productive capacity for any workload.

THG Hosting, working alongside leading server company, Nvidia. Nvidia was formed in 1993 and is largely known for gaming despite never having created a single game but have of course powered and are powering the gaming industry still today.  

Also very well known for graphics and all the businesses that use graphics on a high end basis, like video editing. More recently they have forayed into AI and Autonomous Objects and Nvidia is helping these areas accelerate. 

Are GPU servers widely used today?

Yes, GPU servers have been deployed throughout the world and their growth over the last 3 years has been exponential as the kinds of applications we are using require increased amounts of tasks to be completed quickly to deliver a great user experience.

With the advent of AI technologies, the use of GPU servers will only increase further. 

Today, GPU servers are heavily relied upon within the manufacturing industry, enabling the robotic automations now in place to perform the high compute throughput required of them.

In the robotics industry, GPU’s have enabled the robot to understand the world around it and make decisions like how and where to move their arm to.

In the healthcare industry, GPU’s have enabled digital images to be scanned and anomalies to be detected and flagged for a human doctor to review.

If you’d like to know if and how GPU servers can help your business grow, ask a question below and we’ll get straight back to you.