Microsoft Enablement


Giving your staff the tools to develop and enhance their Microsoft 365 skills

Do you feel your company is taking full advantage of your investment in Microsoft 365?

For many, we rely on traditional methods of training, be that user guides, training videos or simply asking a colleague for help.

However, for many organisations, most of their colleagues do not know how to use many of the advanced features available within the Microsoft 365 apps.

Many companies try traditional training solutions but as is common, these fail to help as they are not customised to an individual’s existing knowledge level. For some, they are too complex, for others, they already know what they’re being shown.

Working with our partner, Nulia Works, we have a better solution for you, your business and all your colleagues.

The Nulia Works Microsoft enablement solution is a first of its kind solution, its platform based and provides a innovative, new way to give colleagues the skill they need to become more productive when using the Microsoft 365 apps.

Following a user-focused approach to drive digital skill development, the service monitors an individual user’s usage habits when using Microsoft 365 Apps, provides personalised enablement plans and encourages colleague adoption through rewarding engagement.

The service guides users with data-driven insights, measuring success through the completion of personalised courses, allowing users to continue to attain, maintain and use their digital skills.

The Microsoft Enablement service focuses on outcomes for the users, quickly getting colleagues using relevant features and functions of the Microsoft 365 apps quickly and confidently.


Benefiting everyone

The Employer

  • Helping to realise a full return on your investment in Microsoft 365
  • licencing Increase the usage and productivity of Microsoft Apps
  • Reducing the cost of traditional training approaches and providing a speedy return on investment
  • By increasing the usage of Microsoft Apps, you can reduce costs associated with other 3rd party licencing for services which do the same thing, for example, video conferencing via zoom instead of Microsoft Teams

The Employee

  • Receive industry-certified badges that can be verified, confirming the skills are current and being used on a regular basis
  • Personalised skill development based on existing knowledge and abilities
  • Empowering employees to confidently use Microsoft Apps to collaborate with colleagues across the business

Fully integrated with Microsoft 365

A man and woman sat next to each other in front of a laptop, in conversation

The service is accessible directly from within Microsoft Teams giving the user easy access to all their learning materials and negates the need to learn how to use yet another SaaS product.

The service is based on an outcome catalogue providing users with many opportunities to develop their Microsoft Skills

By using Machine Learning (MI) and an artificial intelligence lead approach, the service is customised to meet each individual users needs.

When organisations like yours provide the right skills using our Microsoft Enablement Service the returns are significant;


Increase of calls in Teams


Increase in active synced files


Increase of calls in Teams


Increase in daily OneDrive and SharePoint shares


Increase of video meetings in Teams

A team of business people are talking and sat around a desk on laptops

UK businesses chose CloudCoCo’s Microsoft Enablement because it is:

  • Customised to your specific products and operational needs
  • Built on learning objectives that are linked to job performance metrics
  • Aligned with best pedagogical practices
  • Designed and delivered by learning design and facilitation experts
  • Supplemented by job aids and other resources that enhance learning and performance
  • Backed by on-the-job training transfer best practices

Actionable Insights

By integrating with the end-users Microsoft Apps, the service provides actionable insights based on the users behaviours whilst working without disrupting their working day. The insights show organisations how well they are increasing their digital skills, whether they are achieving their set goals and provides meaningful reports showing each users progression and the areas of strength vs. weaknesses.

Using the insights, organisations like yours will increase their Microsoft 365 usage, increase productivity and collaboration across all roles and departments

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