Cyber Security Protection

Protecting your devices and networks from the Cybercriminals looking to cause damage to your organisation

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What is Cyber Security from CloudCoCo?

Cyber Security is a set of protections that actively prevent cyber-attacks from penetrating your IT infrastructure. This also includes a comprehensive check for end-point protections.

The safety and security of your data and infrastructure not only influence your success, but local and national regulations regarding data compliance also require strong cyber security protocols. This means we will need to carry out detailed security operations checks to increase protection.

At CloudCoCo our talented team has countless years of experience helping organisations protect their critical data, applications and devices from the evolving threats faced in the modern world.

Having complete protection is not as simple as deploying a firewall and installing anti-virus software anymore. Instead every element of an organisations IT infrastructure, devices and networks need their own security measures put in place.

In turn, this requires centralised monitoring and management. When a threat is detected, a coordinated response is critical to stop the attack dead in its tracks.

CloudCoCo’s carefully selected services have been chosen to deliver just that.

From protecting the devices with Antivirus and Ransomware defence software, securing the corporate network from external tracks to ensuring completed protection for your applications and data regardless of where they are run from CloudCoCo has the solution for you.

For those companies struggling to manage their security in house, our 24 x 7 IT support team is on standby to support you.

If you’d like to know how we can fully protect you today, ask a question or give the team a call on 0333 455 9885.

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