Public Sector Networks

Let us handle your HSCN connectivity so you can focus on your patients

Your patients depend on you and you can depend on us for fast, secure access to the information and systems you need

Joining the HSCN is necessary for health and care organisations to improve data sharing, operational efficiency and overall care. But migrating to and fully leveraging the HSCN requires thorough assessments of your needs and goals, a reliable connectivity provider and ongoing support by healthcare IT experts, all while staying within your budget. Look no further than CloudCoCo.

Our experts will connect you to the government’s HSCN and be with you every step of the way, from mandatory preparation tasks through to post-migration and ongoing support. You’ll enjoy reliable, flexible access to the interoperable network of health and social care organisations, allowing you to rapidly access and share patient information, collaborate across locations, utilise the latest applications and more. You’ll operate more efficiently and deliver more informed, effective care.

Connecting to the Public Sector HSCN with CloudCoCo saves you time and money that you can devote to delivering more innovative, effective patient services

CloudCoCo ensures you leverage the HSCN to deliver better patient care and experiences with:

Increased agility with integrated services, flexible workflows and remote and mobile access at the point of care

Future-proof operations as the NHS continues to make more digital care services

Reduced spending with scalable, blended solutions to meet your all your connectivity needs

Multilayered securitylike strict access control and encryptions to keep sensitive data safe and your organisation compliant

More efficient collaboration and information sharing between clinicians and patient services


HSCN stands for the Health and Social Care Network. It is the new, government-run data network (replacing the former N3) that connects all NHS organisations and employees across England.

It’s the way health and social care organisations connect to the new NHS platform where they can collaborate and access and share healthcare data and patient information. They can connect by using an existing PSN, working with an organisation that already has an HSCN connection, or from a connectivity provider on the marketplace of NHS-approved suppliers.

N3 is the broadband network (being replaced by HSCN) that connects health and social care organisations, allowing them to share information. Compared to the HSCN, the N3 is slower, costs more, doesn’t support the latest technologies and offers a limited number of ways to connect: directly with the HSCIC or through a commercial aggregator; the N3 is being phased out completely.

It refers to the Community of Interest Network (CoIN). This is a private network that enables regional collaboration between GPs, care providers, pharmacies and other health organisations, which have similar networking requirements and operational practices. They can share information and access healthcare data, applications and services.