SIP Trunking

Internet-based calling and enhanced communication capabilities, swiftly implemented into your existing systems

An easy way to increase flexibility and save money

In today’s dynamic, always-on business world, internet-based calling from a trusted provider isn’t a competitive advantage, it’s a necessity. But many businesses may not be in the market for completely replacing their existing system with hosted, cloud-based business telecom. And CloudCoCo is ready to help. As your SIP trunk provider, we’ll ensure you get the SIP trunking solution that meets your needs and goals.

Our SIP trunking services give you the capabilities of a cloud-based phone system, by allowing you to make local, long distance and international voice and video calls from your existing system and mobile devices over the internet. Whether you still have a public switched telephone network, a traditional PBX or more costly legacy digital platform, you’ll enjoy improved telecom performance while reducing costs and management burdens.

Get more value from your telecom by leveraging your existing investments, cost savings of over 70% (on average) and optimised call quality that’s backed by our guarantee

With CloudCoCo as your SIP trunk provider, you’ll enjoy:

Scalability as you can easily add channels without buying more hardware and get unlimited geographic and non-geographic phone numbers

Ongoing savings from lower-priced mobile and international calls, and cheaper consolidation of your voice and data compared to ISDN

Seamless business communication with all locations, devices and communication channels unified onto a single platform

Improved mobility as workers can easily connect to calls, voicemails and web conferences from any device, any location

Non-geographical your SIP trunks are not location based, removing the fear of any future office relocation without the concerns of changing your number and without needing to purchase an expensive non-geographical number (03XX).

Consistency keep your existing numbers when you transition from traditional analouge lines (PSTN) or ISDN to the CloudCoCo SIP solution


It’s used to provide internet-based calling and communication capabilities to legacy phone systems, like a traditional PBX or PSTN, and removes the need to have physical lines.

There is a wide range of providers on the market. The best one for you will depend on your telecom needs, budget and business goals. Contact CloudCoco and let us help you identify the SIP solution that’s best for your organisation.