Public Cloud

Productivity-boosting, cost-cutting services that drive growth

Public cloud hosting that make sense for your business and your budget

Cloud computing on a public server provides countless virtual services that improve operational efficiency and agility while reducing hardware costs and maintenance headaches. But finding a provider you can trust and transitioning to the cloud can seem complicated and risky. That’s where CloudCoCo’s public cloud hosting comes in.

Our cloud experts will learn about your business goals and operations to ensure the public cloud is right for you. If so, we’ll deliver, host and manage the cloud services you need to succeed. We’ll keep your software and licences up to date, implement strict cybersecurity protocols, provide remote access and more, on a flexible subscription plan that meets your needs and budget. You’ll get all the benefits of the cloud and none of the hassle.

Since 2006, UK businesses have turned to CloudCoCo for seamless cloud migrations and managed hosting that deliver maximum ROI

With our managed cloud hosting servicesyou’ll enjoy:

Enterprise-grade performance (Azure, AWS, Oracle, Google, Alibaba) at SMB-friendly prices

Cost savings from significantly reduced hardware and maintenance fees and pay-as-you-go pricing

Increased productivity with an always-available infrastructure and data that are accessible from any location and device

Enhanced protection from multilayered cybersecurity and disaster-proof backups

Unlimited scalability with data centres all over the world to draw resources from


A public cloud delivers computing resources (servers, operating systems, software, data storage, etc.) to multiple businesses over the internet; they share the same physical server, but each virtual network is isolated. A private cloud does the same, but the hardware and software are dedicated to a single organisation.

This is a third-party cloud service provider who owns, hosts and manages the computing resources (servers, storage, etc.) and delivers them to multiple businesses, which keeps costs low, as they are ‘shared’. This allows businesses to get hassle-free cloud services that boost efficiency while cutting costs.