Hybrid Cloud

Optimise your IT infrastructure by combining only the best features from both private and public clouds

Have your cloud cake and eat it too

While the cloud is revolutionising the way businesses operate, public and private clouds still have their share of unique drawbacks. Public clouds can limit your control and security, while private clouds can raise your costs and hamper flexibility. But in today’s dynamic, technology-driven business world, many companies need maximum control, security and flexibility while remaining cost-effective. That’s where a Hybrid Cloud from CloudCoCo comes in.

We'll help you determine if a hybrid cloud is right for you, and if so, we’ll provide a custom infrastructure of private cloud, public cloud and on-premises resources. You’ll have the flexibility to choose the optimal computing resource for each workload and service, meaning you get security, control and scalability where you need it. And, with interoperability between resources, you’ll maintain performance and cost-effectiveness, no matter how your needs change.

Our mix of private and public cloud
resources lead to more:

Cost savings – only pay for exactly what you need from each resource and expand your infrastructure without a large, upfront investment

Agility move workloads and operations between environments to meet changing needs

Security and compliance deploy regulated, sensitive information to the private cloud

Scalability and resilience scale up and down quickly with unlimited public cloud resources to meet demand spikes

Peace of mind we can fully migrate, optimise and maintain your custom hybrid cloud for you


Is a hybrid cloud right for you?

Hybrid clouds are useful for:

  • Dynamic or volatile workloads
  • Separating sensitive and critical information from less-private and critical information
  • Moving to the cloud piecemeal, at your own pace
  • Temporary computing resource needs
  • Matching computing requirements to the resources best able to handle them