Hybrid Cloud

Is the Public Cloud right for you? Is a Private Cloud right for you? What if it’s a bit of both?

Hybrid Cloud is exactly that.

Boost Your Business Flexibility And Efficiency


It's likely that you're familiar with the concept of "the cloud" relating to storing data online, but have you heard of hybrid clouds?

By combining public and private clouds, a hybrid cloud can create an infrastructure that offers greater flexibility in optimising a business's computing workloads, while taking advantage of the features and cost savings offered by different types of cloud hosting.

At CloudCoCo, we provide hybrid cloud solutions that reduce optional burdens. We achieve this through our VMware Cloud Director Solution, which gives you a single console to manage, view, and make changes to your cloud environments regardless of where individual elements are hosted. We have worked with our customers over the last decade to deploy hybrid cloud solutions that drive maximum cost savings while not impacting the services being delivered.

By utilising our partner THG Hosting's global infrastructure, we offer the latest technology backed up by some of the highest SLAs available. THG Hosting has built a world-class infrastructure to support some of the largest companies on the planet, including LookFantastic and Myprotein, among others. By working with CloudCoCo, you can get access to over 50+ THG Hosting data centers worldwide, connected to a plethora of Network Partners.


Why choose Hybrid cloud?


  • Flexible and fully scalable infrastructure
  • High availability of applications and data
  • Deploy applications and data globally
  • Compliance with any  regulatory requirements
  • Backup across the cloud allows for data recovery
  • Migrate to the cloud with ease
  • Improve performance of services
  • Move data between public and private
  • Sensitive data is stored in private clouds, enhancing security

How does the Hybrid Cloud Work?

A hybrid cloud brings together public and private clouds and enables data to move effortlessly between them.

This is achieved by virtualising data using services like VMware and then using various protocols and connectivity tools such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Application Programming Interfaces (API), and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Different environments within the overall hybrid cloud computing infrastructure will have its own particular advantages and optimal utilisations.

Combining them this way in a hybrid manner means that you have quicker access to vast arrays of data whilst retaining a higher degree of control, security, safety, and accessibility for your most sensitive data and services.


A hybrid cloud makes workloads portable across different cloud environments under a unified hybrid infrastructure and aims to automate where workloads are sent so that they arrive at the optimal cloud environment for their intended purpose.

You can opt for the data centre location which is closest to your business physically and also select the contract length which works best for you. More servers can also be added as and when you need them.

How does Hybrid Cloud differ from Public and Private Clouds?


The main feature of a hybrid cloud is its flexibility; hybrid clouds offer a dynamic cloud-based computing solution for businesses dealing with big data workloads. A hybrid cloud may not be suitable for everyone however, there are distinct differences between hybrid, public and private cloud infrastructure models.

Whilst hybrid clouds are extremely flexible, this is not without some sacrifice; for example, private clouds may offer a higher level or overall control and security than a hybrid cloud. For their part, public clouds may be able to offer a greater degree of user-friendliness, convenience, cost savings and flexibility.

Deciding which cloud-based solution is right for your business will necessitate a review of your business needs and what you need your cloud-environment to be able to help you facilitate and achieve.

CloudCoCo are accredited hybrid cloud specialists and would love to help provide the best cloud solution for your business today.

With numerous data centres spread out across myriad locations around the world, a hybrid cloud hosting environment can boast large scale deployments to ensure optimal performance wherever you, or your customers are on the globe.


If you aren't sure which kind of cloud-based hosting solution will work best for you, don't hesitate to get in touch for friendly, informative, expert advice to help you work out whether your business needs are best suited to a public, private or hybrid cloud.

We offer a free one hour consultation with our experts where we will review your existing cloud services and provide you with a concise report showing what you can do to maximise your investments.

Call the team today on 0333 455 9885 to arrange your no obligation session.

Bare Metal Servers

Another way a hybrid cloud can be customised involves the use of Bare Metal Servers.

These enable you to cut overheads whilst also boosting efficiency and privacy, which is ideal for businesses with high traffic, complicated configuration, and a need for a heightened level of security.

This is where CloudCoCo’s hybrid cloud-based computing and hosting services can really offer a tailored solution for your business, as you can configure various specifications such as RAM, storage and the level of managed support which best suits your tailored requirements.

If you’d like to know more about how Bare Metal Servers from CloudCoCo can enhance your private cloud, get in touch and speak to an expert today.

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What are the benefits of Hybrid Cloud?


  • Greater degree of flexibility and increased optimisation
  • Cost-effective and efficient solution
  • Improves developer productivity - share work globally with ease
  • Can migrate legacy applications quickly, avoiding technical debt by on-premise infrastructure
  • Better resource control management
  • Greater regulatory compliance as a uniform implementation across all cloud environments
  • Grow your company more swiftly with accelerated response times and third-party integration

Top Service Provider 2023

Every year, Cloudtango honors the most successful British MSPs in what has become an industry reference due to its independent, unbiased approach, as well as in-depth analysis.

For 2023, their technical analysis focused on cybersecurity, support, infrastructure and cloud services while underlining positive trends in business growth, customer satisfaction, and service offerings.

“Through the selection process, we identify the top performing Managed Service Providers during the year and we selected CloudCoCo based on their overall performance and continual service improvements", said Jordi Vilanova, Managing Director at Cloudtango.


One of the main attractions of a hybrid cloud over a solely Public Cloud-based computing solution is that you can incorporate Private Cloud to create a customised hosting environment to suit your specific needs.

THG Hosting’s Managed VMware Cloud is a private cloud solution that provides public cloud features with on-premise control giving you the self-service flexibility to quickly deploy and configure your virtual servers whilst not having the hassle of provisioning, supporting and capacity-managing the underlying platform. You will also enjoy the peace of mind to rely on the assistance of our IT experts, who will be available to assist when required.

To learn more about the VMware Cloud solutions available from CloudCoCo, pop over to our dedicated page.

We pride ourselves at CloudCoCo with offering unrivalled 24/7 IT support for all our valued clients. For organisations with smaller IT teams, this can reduce the burden of out of hours support or other team members being on call.

Our Hybrid cloud hosting also offers a plethora of 30+ network peering and transit features to ensure you have access to superior bandwidth and data solutions.

Connectivity is also available to facilitate Private Cloud integration with workloads located on public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure , Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and IBM Cloud.

THG Hosting has built a world-class infrastructure to support some of the largest companies on the planet, including LookFantastic and Myprotein, among others. By working with CloudCoCo, you can get access to over 50+ THG Hosting data centers worldwide, connected to a plethora of Network Partners.