Microsoft Teams

Streamline operations and collaboration in the cloud for a high-performance team

Drive greater teamwork and business results in a changing environment

Today’s markets require employees to be more connected and collaborative, yet independent and mobile. Microsoft Teams from CloudCoco offers a solution by unifying your people, communication channels, and productivity tools, all on one secure cloud platform. No matter how many members there are, the productivity app they use or their location, your team can communicate and collaborate securely from any internet-connected device.

As part of Microsoft 365, Teams boasts many communication and collaboration features, like text, chat, voice/video conferencing, real-time co-authoring and more. Each employee can work according to their preferred style while collaborating more effectively. You’ll harness the power of individuals and the team, resulting in consistently high-quality outputs and efficient operations, no matter how the market changes.

Our certified experts will ensure Microsoft Teams delivers everything your employees need to be more successful

Productivity and Collaboration tools

All Office 365 apps, email hosting, task management tools and more to help you achieve your goals

Streamlined Communication

Unlimited voice and video calls, full-featured text chat, screen sharing, event hosting and more, all from an easy-to-use platform

Security and Compliance

Data encryption, multifactor authentication, and advanced auditing and reporting to keep your business and teams protected

Administration and Analytics

Manage users and apps, configure settings and policies and gain valuable insight with detailed reports


Live, friendly experts provide assistance when you need it, so you always get the most out of Teams

Flexible Plans

Plans are tailored to your needs and budget so you get everything you need without paying for unnecessary features

Phone System in Microsoft 365

Phone System is the cloud-based phone system using Microsoft Teams. It replaces your complicated and expensive on-premises PBX system while providing even more capabilities.

Communicate how you want, when you want with a Phone System, which delivers:

Improved mobility communicate and collaborate from any device, any location

Cost reductions cheaper long-distance calling and phone bills

Flexibility connect to the PSTN in different ways (with a Microsoft plan or integrated into your existing PSTN connectivity)

Improved call management with cloud auto-attendant and other call-queue features

Scalability software-based Phone System allows you to add or remove users easily

Advanced features group calling, voice and video calling, device switching, voicemail-to-email transcription, outside calling and more