Stopping the inevitable - Darktrace Webinar

As new attack techniques continue to emerge, organisations are being caught off guard. The speed and scale of attack campaigns mean that human teams alone cannot react in time. Self-learning AI technology that understands the business is becoming critical in empowering defenders to fight back in the face of this increasingly hostile threat landscape.

Join our latest Webinar where CloudCoCo’s Mark Wainwright will be discussing with Darktrace’s Elliot Stocker to understand why Darktrace is a critical element that’s needed to protect your business from, what is now an inevitable cyber security attack.

Darktrace is capable of identifying and blocking new threats without relying on rules, signatures or historical data from previous attempts whilst using self-learning to identify anomalous activity, learning attacker behaviours and automatically determining deviation in activity and distinguishing genuine from threatening content. Furthermore, it does this at machine speed enabling it to react immediately.

At CloudCoCo, we speak to many businesses and organisations that are eager to improve their cyber security strategies but are unsure of what needs priority. This webinar will talk through the current landscape and why the attacks will only increase as threats become more complex and sophisticated to identify and block, but also look at how businesses can respond to those threats ensuring business operations continue to go ahead, completely uninterrupted.