Network Security

Secure your enterprise network against external threats

Can your network withstand sophisticated
cyber attacks?

Your IT network is an important cornerstone of your business, but with numerous users and third-party systems interacting with one another, keeping this network secure is a complex task. Configuring and managing network security is a task that requires professional expertise, but hiring an in-house cyber security specialist is extremely expensive.

By choosing CloudCoCo’s network security services, your IT network will be protected by our team of dedicated security professionals for a much lower price than a new hire. We’ll install state-of-the-art security technologies such as next-generation firewalls, identity and access management and Internet of Things (IoT) security to prevent attacks and breaches. We’ll manage your network security and maintain high performance standards so you can focus on your business.

Instead of hiring expensive in-house experts, choose CloudCoCo for low-cost, high-performance network security services

With our managed cloud hosting services you’ll enjoy:

24/7/365 threat detection and resolution for real-time remediation any cyberattacks

A team of cyber security experts that manages your entire network security

A suite of cutting-edge solutions that protect you against various threats

Affordable security solutions at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT specialist

Intelligent security solutions to deal with current and emerging threats


Network security services prevent cyber attacks, infiltration and unauthorised access to your enterprise IT network by protecting and monitoring it with a suite of cyber security solutions.

Network security is an umbrella term for numerous processes that aim to keep different parts of your IT network and infrastructure safe. Some fundamental types of network security include access control, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) security and firewalls.

Our team will assess your current security setup and add the necessary solutions to ensure you are comprehensively protected against attacks. Once these solutions are in place, we’ll continue to monitor your network and deal with security threats.