Inbound Services (NGN)

Virtual phone numbers that encourage more customers to call and engage with your business

Expand your national presence without the
overhead costs

Traditional phone numbers tied to geographic locations with area codes can make your service areas seem limited in scope to customers outside of those locations. They will think twice about calling and engaging you as they wonder if you serve them and how much it’ll cost to make the call. This can lead to lost opportunities and revenue. But CloudCoCo provides inbound services with non-geographic numbers (NGN) to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

We supply virtual phone numbers that are not tied to any geographic location and can be mapped to any existing phone number. So no matter where your business is in the UK, we can help you expand your presence into new areas with local numbers. And multi-site businesses can present a single number to customers, which we’ll route to the right site. New and existing customers will be more encouraged to call with a simple process and no long-distance fees.

Simplified calling. Efficiency-enhancing features. Better customer experiences

Our inbound call services let you enjoy:

Disaster resiliency easily route NGNs to different locations during local service interruptions

Hassle-free services existing systems and features don’t have to be changed and will function the same

Expert guidance we’ll help you choose the type of NGN that meets your needs (freephone, shared cost, premium etc.)

Greater insights live call statistics (productivity levels, call patterns, etc) combined with regular inbound reports

Countless features limitless call routing, secure voicemail storage, IVR, caller-location ID, access control and logging for compliance and more