Inbound Services (NGN)

Connecting your customers with your business whilst maintain high quality engagements and increasing the customer experience

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Why does your business need Inbound Calling Services from CloudCoCo?

In today’s world customers are looking for the simplest, easiest way of getting in contact with businesses, this generally means having as few external numbers as possible.

With CloudCoCo’s Inbound Service you will get access to a modern inbound service allowing your customers to contact you through geographical or nongeographical numbers.

Behind the number is where the features of the services come into their own including

  • Simple call delivery
  • Queueing
  • Recording
  • Conferencing
  • Call distribution options
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Date and time-based call delivery
  • Supplementary options such as missed call alerts and call whisper.
  • Call delivery based on calling telephone number.
  • Agent and skillset routing
  • Call delivery based on variable values.
  • Decision based call delivery

Traditionally features like these were only available to large companies with high-end on-premise solutions. NO MORE with CloudCoCo’s Inbound Services.

Quick to deliver and realise the benefits

CloudCoCo’s Inbound Services require no on-premises hardware, immediately helping to reduce the time taken to deploy the service. For those with simple call routing needs the service can be ready to use within a matter of days. Even complex call routing plans take minimal time to design and deploy due to CloudCoCo’s talented and experienced telephony engineers.

Easy Management

Through our online portal, you can easily build, configure, and make changes to your services.

Whether you need to make changes to a group of people or individual numbers, these changes can easily be designed and deployed by yourself using the intuitive portal, or if you prefer, CloudCoCo’s engineers working with you can make these changes. We are always flexible to meet your businesses needs and requirements.

Lower your ongoing costs

Previously, services with this level of functionality needed expensive onsite infrastructure, that in turn needed maintaining alongside the other ongoing costs.

But no more with CloudCoCo’s inbound services. There is no need for any onsite equipment removing all those unpredictable costs whilst give you even more than before.

Our simple pricing structure means there are no CAPEX costs, no software assurance agreements with vendors and no ongoing costs for powering and looking after the equipment. Everything is included as standard within our licencing structure.

Accessible via the Cloud from anywhere at anytime

As has become the normal we all need the flexibility to work from anywhere, that also includes our telecoms teams. With CloudCoCo’s inbound services, our portal is accessible via the internet from any location.

Guaranteeing customer experience is maintained

As a highly available, carrier-class and network-based service, CloudCoCo’s inbound service has no single point of failure. It is designed to be both geographically and logically resilient delivering 99.99% availability ensuring your customers can always contact you when they need to.

Underpinned by robust SLA’s, you can rest assured your phone line will be working.

Protecting you from the unexpected.

We don’t like to think it will ever happen, but ‘disasters’ do happen and can hit businesses hard if they haven’t got plans in place. 2020 serves as a reminder to us all that being prepared is key to getting through the unexpected


When you are building your companies disaster recovery plans, how your customers will continue to contact you needs to be one of the first considerations. Working with CloudCoCo, our inbound services allow you to quickly divert calls to alternative offices or even individuals mobile phone, ensuring you can continue to deliver the great customer services your customer already receive, protect revenue, and give your customers the confidence you are still operating as close to normal as possible.

If you would like to know more about planning for a disaster recover scenario, we have plenty of tips in our eBook “Crisis, your office is on fire”. Download your copy here today.

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What would happen if your data centre services became unavailable? Head over to our Disaster Recovery Services now to learn more

See and change as you need

With our advanced Inbound Reporting you can see in real time how many calls you are receiving, how quickly your answering the calls and far more.

Real Time Reporting

CloudCoCo’s Inbound real-time statistics dashboard is flexible and easy to configure allowing you to:

  • Customise your dashboard’s appearance.
  • Share any dashboards you create with all users on your account – or none
  • Duplicate an existing dashboard rather than starting from scratch – less time and effort if you want the same data or layout, or need to make just a few tweaks

The Dashboard is configured using “tiles” which you can set out on a blank “canvas” to create a layout that works for you.

Realtime reporting features include:

  • Total calls and minutes
  • Today's calls by outcome
  • Performance of your top accounts (based on minutes)
  • Active call status
  • Number of callers held in call queues and call handling metrics
  • Agent and skillset performance

Online Reporting

Through our Inbound portal, you can keep track of every element of your inbound services.

Reports can be run periodically to meet your requirements such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or within custom date ranges.

You can set up the report against your organisation as a whole or per individual inbound number you have.

Our inbound call services let you enjoy:

Disaster Resiliency

Easily route NGNs to different locations during local service interruptions.

Hassle-free Service

Existing systems and features don’t have to be changed and will function the same.

Expert Guidance

We’ll help you choose the type of NGN that meets your needs (freephone, shared cost, premium etc).

Greater Insights

Live call statistics (productivity levels, call patterns, etc.) combined with regular inbound reports.

Countless Features

Limitless call-routing, secure voicemail storage, IVR, caller-location ID, access control and logging for compliance and more!


Inbound calling services are phone services that allow customers and clients to call into a business. These services can include features such as call routing, call forwarding, and call queuing, as well as features like IVR, voicemail, and call recording.

Inbound calling services can help your business to improve customer service and support, streamline call handling, and increase customer satisfaction. By providing a reliable and efficient way for customers and clients to contact your business, you can improve brand loyalty and increase customer retention.

Inbound calling services typically use a cloud-based phone system that allows customers to call into a business and be routed to the appropriate agent or department. This can include features like call queuing, call routing, and call forwarding, as well as features like voicemail, and call recording.