Field Services

On-demand expertise at your site, within you budget

From hardware repairs to large-scale rollouts, we make it happen when and how you need it

Despite the increase in remote technology services and management, in-person technical support is still necessary for the optimal performance of your IT environment. Support tasks such as installing workstations, expanding cabling or upgrading data centre servers can sap your budget, productivity and time. But not if you have CloudCoCo’s Field Services and on-site support.

CloudCoCo’s wide network of expert technicians can quickly dispatch to sites across the UK to provide any type of on-site assistance, from troubleshooting unexpected problems to a scheduled, large-scale project synchronised across multiple locations. And, with our streamlined system, you can easily submit a request and our techs will quickly be on site to keep your IT optimised and meet your needs in a way that's more cost-effective than doing it yourself.

Field Services from CloudCoCo are:

Productivity-boosting – fast, long-term solutions for any issue or project across your locations

Time- & cost-saving – no need to hire more staff or send them to another location

Personalised – friendly techs who know you, your business and IT environment

Hassle-free – forget about your IT worries and focus on your business

Scalable – when you scale your locations, we’ll scale with you

Two men in hardhats are stood next to each other looking at a laptop

Our comprehensive Field Services can meet any on-site need with features such as:

  • Detailed analytics, like arrival time, completion time and more
  • A wide service area
  • Guaranteed one-hour response times and fast turnaround
  • Emergency support
  • A centralised platform for easy end-to-end management, from scheduling to technician communication