Zero Trust Access

With cyber attacks increasing, a new approach is needed where trust is not given by default.

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Controlling access to your corporate applications and data

Modern businesses have been changing to allow staff to work from outside the traditional network. That could be from home, on a train or in the local coffee shop.

Alongside this, the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) throughout businesses has increased the number of ways corporate networks can potentially be accessed. These new points of entry are referred to as ‘edges’.

The IT security teams now have more devices and scenarios they need to be aware of when protecting their businesses.

The best way of ensuring that only the people and devices that you authorize are allowed access to your network is called a ‘Zero Trust Approach’.

This is where an unknown device is blocked from accessing a corporate network by default and access can only be granted by the IT teams, alongside this, IT teams are recommended to provide least privileges access even when access is granted.

In order to implement a Zero Trust Access approach, organizations will require;

  • Secure and Strong Authentication Capabilities
  • The latest network access technologies
  • Control which applications can access which systems and data.

At CloudCoCo we have all the solutions your organization will need to implement a Zero Trust Access approach.

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Network Access Controls

Having the control and visibility of which devices can access your network is essential to prevent unknown devices accessing your network.

The FortiNAC solution lets you know who is on your network and confirms you are protected. It delivers;

  • Visibility
    See which endpoints, devices users and applications have access to your network.
  • Control
    With FortiNAC you can Segment your corporate network and allow access to certain areas only when the right authentication process is completed.
  • Automated Responses
    With FortiNAC the automated responses will quarantine suspected threats in real-time.

Together these controls protect businesses from rough or infected devices becoming a threat to your organization.

The FortiNAC solution is certified to work with over 2200 Network devices allowing it to be quickly deployed without expensive upgrades being needed.

Today businesses rely on a mixture of wired and wireless connectivity, FortiNAC offers equal protection regardless of how a device might be connecting

Identity authentication and access management

We once relied on a simple username and password as the best way of confirming someone’s identity but with the rise of data breaches and the use of ‘weak’ passwords, this approach is no longer enough.

Organizations need to be sure that the identity of someone is who they say they are with a high degree of reliability. Securely authenticating a user’s identity is key to having an effective security policy.

Identity controls can be held on various systems and devices ranging from the Network Devices, Directory Listings (Active Directory), onsite servers and cloud applications.

Enforcing password policies and managing this across all the areas becomes cumbersome for IT teams.

CloudCoCo offers 3 services to manage your “Identity and Access Management”.

  • FortiAuthenticator
    Centralized authentication service integrated with the Security Fabric Solutions providing Single Sign On (SSO) services, Certificate Management and temporary Guest Access Management.
  • FortiToken
    Adding an extra layer of authentication, the FortiToken solution provides a 2 factor authentication services which users can access via physical tokens or a mobile application.
  • FortiToken Cloud
    Manage 2 factor authentication through the cloud-based dashboard.

Find out more on identity and access management here

Remote Access and Application Access

A businesses application, whether hosted in an onsite data centre or in the cloud must be included in a Zero Trust Access Policy. With the Fortinet Solutions from CloudCoCo, it is now possible for organizations to minimize the use of VPN technologies whilst maintaining strict access controls.

When organizations implement a Zero Trust Access solution, user’s identity is already verified using the Fortinet Security Fabric solutions.

They can instantly connect to the application and access the appropriate information without needed to remember multiple passwords for each system.

Devices have the FortiClient software install, the FortiClient is fully integrated with the Fortinet Security Fabric providing peace of mind to the IT Security teams and allowing detailed management and oversight reporting to be captured.

Contact our Security Team today at CloudCoCo and let us help point you in the right direction.

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