Data Centre Migration & Optimisation

Comprehensive cloud data centre services that make you more successful

Enjoy improved service levels, faster time to service and more resources

Your IT infrastructure and data are increasingly important to your success. But with increasing threats to your data and more operational demands, your infrastructure computing resources must always be reliable, secure and scalable, to remain efficient and innovative. Migrating to a cloud data centre that can meet your changing needs is the long-term solution, but successfully doing so requires the expertise and resources of a skilled technology partner like CloudCoCo.

The experts at CloudCoCo will assess your operational needs and business goals to determine the right data centre environment for your continued business success. Whether it’s colocation, a fully managed cloud infrastructure or a hybrid setup, we’ll strategise and execute your migration, or we can help optimise your current environment while staying within your budget. You’ll enjoy more efficient, flexible IT operations and more peace of mind.

Data Centre Migration and Optimisation
from CloudCoCo translates into:

Cost savings from eliminating unnecessary expenses, equipment and energy costs

Increased productivity thanks to easier data and IT management

Maximum reliability with an always available infrastructure

Easier scalability letting you rapidly respond to new demands and quickly provision new services

Improved compliance with state-of-the-art physical and cybersecurity


We ensure the success of your data centre migration and optimisation with:

  • Time and budget planning
  • Migration and optimisation strategy
  • Rigorous testing to ensure data integrity and minimal downtime
  • Audits and discovery to optimise resource utilisation
  • Virtual and automated system management that save time
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • And more