DDoS Mitigation and Protection

Stay protected against one of the most common and dangerous cyber-attacks

CloudCoCo’s DDoS protection

Over the last few years, organisations have had to adopt new digital transformation plans due to the changes needed by everyone to adapt to the new ways we work, and where we work.

Cyber Criminals have taken advantage of the new ways we work and DDoS attacks especially have seen a nearly 3-fold increase. The sophistication of these attacks has also become increased and as a consequence, the effects this is having on businesses who are targeted are increasingly serious and costly, not just monetarily but to their reputations as well.

Because a DDoS attack can slow down, or even stop a company’s IT network from working, our ability to access the data that is held away from a personal device like a laptop or mobile phone is compromised. When this happens, our ability to do our roles, or assist customers is hampered.

CloudCoCo’s DDoS Protection Service is a comprehensive solution protecting our customer’s external network access (for example, the internet).

The CloudCoCo DDoS Protection service is a full solution with high-speed detection of attacks ranging from low & slow start to brute force, and volumetric attacks.

The Solution includes forensic level analyses of all network traffic to identify threats in real-time and where these attacks are detected, direct the traffic to our highly scalable carrier-grade A10 security platform.

The platform features monitoring traffic entering the network including;

  • Validation
  • Blocking
  • or rate-limiting

The DDoS Threat – Act Now

The top 3 reasons you must have protection in place:

  1. DDoS Attacks happen all the time and the situation is only getting worse
    Over 75% of organisations have reported a recent DDoS attack. Attackers commonly conduct these attacks multiple times.
  2. A DDoS attack is only the start of what the attacker is aiming to achieve
    As your defences become overwhelmed, opportunities present themselves for the attackers to cause further damage by targeting your sensitive data.
  3. A successful DDoS attack takes time to recover from and expensive
    Once an attack commences, if not stopped immediately it can take hours to restore services and in this time the cost to your organisation can be both monetary and reputational.

It is now advised for organisations to utilise cloud-based DDoS protection services. This approach is scalable and more cost-effective than dedicated on-site protection. This is due to the evolving complexity and scale of DDoS attacks and being able to keep pace. It is similar to an arms race between the attacker and the defender.

CloudCoCo provides direct physical (VLAN or Port-based) connectivity into our MPLS network to deliver transit services combined where required DDOS mitigation capabilities with the ability to deal with 10’s of Gigabit attacks and unlike many other DDOS services, allow customers to maintain their existing IP address scheme.

The DDoS Threat – Act Now

Normal conditions

Under non-DDOS conditions (normal traffic) the traffic flows through the network directly and the Threat Protection Systems (TPS) will not be in the traffic path.

DDOS conditions

When an attack is in progress the Threat Protection Systems will advertise a route to the affected host, altering the traffic path so that the DDOS attack is directed to the TPS device and scrubbed.

Outbound traffic from the customer will still bypass the TPS.

Key Features

  • Mitigate DDoS Attacks
  • Protect Against Botnets
  • Analyse Incidents in Real-Time
  • Identify Compromised Hosts
  • Keep Routes Safe
  • Machine Learning Detection
  • Continuous Learning
  • Multi-Cloud Security
  • Advanced DNS Protection
  • Autonomous Mitigation
  • Central Manager (CM)
  • Continuous Attack Evaluation
  • Hybrid On-premises / Cloud Support
  • Fortinet Security Fabric Integration


What does DDoS mean?
DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service attack.

What is a DDoS Attack?
A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a technique used by Cyber Criminals where they overwhelm a network with huge amounts of traffic. As a consequence, the network can perform badly or defences like firewalls might stop working altogether leaving an organisation vulnerable to further attacks.

Do I need to protect my organisation from DDoS Attacks?
Yes, over the last few years there has been a huge rise in this type of attack being used. The attacks are becoming more sophisticated. The damage that can be caused to an organisation includes data loss as well as reputational damage.

What is a DDoS botnet?
Cyber Criminals hijack numerous poorly protected devices which are connected to the internet over time and control these through what we call a Command & Control Centre (C&C). This is called a botnet. Cyber Criminal takes control of individual devices using Malware and other methods. The Malware normally infects vulnerable devices through hijacked websites or phishing links sent via email.