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Stay protected against one of the most common and dangerous cyber-attacks
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What Can CloudCoCo Do for Me?

Over the last few years, organisations have rapidly adopted new digital transformation plans to adapt to the new ways in which we work, and where we work from.

Cyber Criminals take advantage of these new ways. DDoS attacks especially have seen a near 3-fold increase in recent times. The sophistication of these attacks has also increased and, consequently, the effects on businesses who are targeted are becoming more serious and costly. Aside from the direct financial impact, DDoS attacks can also affect reputations.

Because a DDoS attack can slow down or stop a company’s IT network from working, our ability to access the data that is held away from a personal device like a laptop or mobile phone is compromised. When this happens, our ability to work or, indeed, assist customers is severely hampered.

The industry’s broadest portfolio of DDoS attack protection products and services that enable organisations of any size to customise a solution to meet their technical and financial requirements of today – and the future

CloudCoCo’s DDoS protection and network visibility solutions have been tested and proven in the world’s largest, most complex networks. We deliver powerful visibility and traffic intelligence, at internet scale, to help customers not only understand their own environment, but who the threat actors are, their tools, behaviours and ongoing campaigns on a global basis.

Because the service is based on traffic behaviour, we can detect many types of attack – low and slow, brute force and, high-speed volumetric attacks.

The Solution includes forensic level analyses of all network traffic to identify threats in real-time and where these attacks are detected, direct the traffic to our highly scalable carrier-grade scrubbing platform.


Value Before, During and After

CloudCoCo’s Managed DDoS Protection service offers value before, during and after attacks.

Before Attack

Expert implementation, provisioning and day-to-day maintenance of DDoS attack protection products to properly prepare your business for a DDoS attack.

During Attack

Intelligently automated in-cloud and on-premises DDoS attack mitigation conducted by industry experts to quickly stop DDoS attacks before they impact your business. Access to a customer portal, emails and/or direct communication with mitigation experts that provide constant feedback of DDoS attack mitigation activity.

After Attack

Comprehensive post - incident reports, consultation, and policy tuning to understand and better prepare for future attacks.

The DDoS Threat – Act Now

The top 3 reasons you must have protection in place:

  1. DDoS Attacks happen all the time and the situation is only getting worse
    Over 75% of organisations have reported a recent DDoS attack. Attackers commonly conduct these attacks multiple times.
  2. A DDoS attack is only the start of what the attacker is aiming to achieve
    As your defences become overwhelmed, opportunities present themselves for the attackers to cause further damage by targeting your sensitive data
  1. A successful DDoS attack takes time to recover from and expensive
    Once an attack commences, if not stopped immediately,it can take hours to restore services whilst, at the same time costing you money and potentially damaging your reputation.It is now advised that organisations utilise provider-based DDoS protection services. This approach is scalable and more cost-effective than dedicated on-site protection due to the evolving complexity and scale of DDoS attacks and being able to keep pace. CloudCoCo provides direct physical (VLAN or Port-based) connectivity into it’snetwork to deliver transit services and can overlay DDoS mitigation services where required. Furthermore, unlike many other DDoS services, we allow customers to maintain their existing IP address scheme.

By entrusting your DDoS protection to CloudCoCo, you can be assured that you are utilising best of breed technology, industry best practices in defence and experts whose sole responsibility is protecting the availability of your network/services from DDoS attacks – so you can focus on what you do best.

Benefits of our DDoS Protection Service

24/7 Protection – Always on detection and mitigation

Visibility – Alerts, traffic patterns and applications

Custom Rules – Optimised for your business requirements

Intelligent Automation – Self-adapting and updating


24/7 Protection

CloudCoCo's solution monitors and analyses your data traffic round-the-clock looking for threats and stopping them in their tracks. This means less downtime, improved productivity and less hardening of critical systems.


Our customer portal shows not only DDoS alerts but how your data traffic is performing and what applications are running - in real-time and historically. Reports can be scheduled for increased convenience.

Custom Rules 

Not all businesses are the same, and so we can work with you to create custom rules where necessary to fine-tune protection for your network, clients and critical applications.

Intelligent Automation 

Our intelligently automated service is continuously updated with the latest Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) data to offer the most comprehensive protection against modern-day DDoS attacks.