Microsoft Teams Contact Centre

Delivering a unified contact centre delivered through Microsoft Teams, negating the need for users
to move between separate software.

Underpinned by Anywhere365, the worlds first certified Microsoft Teams Contact Centre solution.

Why use Microsoft Teams as your next contact centre?

Ease of use

Colleagues already use and understand Microsoft Teams – familiar look and feel.

Smart Call Routing

Using Azure AI bots, routine customer interactions can be automatically responded to leaving you to focus on complex interactions

Ease of management

Simple to use interface allowing almost anyone to know how make changes

Advanced Analytics

Easy to use tools to quickly analyse usage, performance, queue lengths and much more

The worlds first certified Microsoft Teams Contact Centre

Customer experience is the first and main consideration when choosing your next contact centre. At CloudCoCo our customers user experience and helping them to grow their business is key to our approach.

When looking for our next technology partner to help our customers better utilise Microsoft Teams we only look for the leading technology providers in their field.

CloudCoCo’s Microsoft Teams contact centre solution is built on industry leading provider Anywhere365. Anywhere365 is the first global platform to be officially certified as a ‘Microsoft Contact Centre’ solution provider.

Contact centre excellence is key to the solutions we provide to our customers and for this reason we recommend and deliver Anywhere365.

More than that, we use it ourselves in our own contact centre and know the outstanding quality of the service and ease of use.

The modern contact centre

Previously contact centres were run from hardware located on a local site. Each site might have needed its own hardware, ongoing maintenance was expensive and the systems were so complex in-house specialists or outsource IT providers were needed adding in ever more unpredictable costs.

Gone are the days of expensive onsite PBX’s with ISDN lines. Today everything can be delivered from the cloud maximising your telecoms investment.

But why stop there? User expectations has changed, we expected the IT systems business rely on to be easy to use and where possible, to minimise the amount of software we need to be shown how to use.

End users have become comfortable using Microsoft teams, both in the office and when working remotely.

Our Microsoft Teams Contact Centre solution is delivered directly into your Microsoft Teams service. Users can make and receive call through the single app.

However, the system isn’t simply for receiving and making calls. Behind the scenes there is a feature rich contact centre solution providing you with all the functions you’d expect from the traditional contact centre solutions.

However, the system isn’t simply for receiving and making calls. Behind the scenes there is a feature rich contact centre solution providing you with all the functions you’d expect from the traditional contact centre solutions.

Simple Call Flow Interface

Ease of management is a key feature of our Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Solutions. To set up call flows and make changes you don’t need coding experience, rather with our simple interface you can build and configure your contact centre with the user friendly interface

Maximise agent efficiency

Not all contacts we receive have complex questions. Most of the time people have simple questions which need a quick answer. Rather than invest time and effort in these enquiries and causing potential delays in respond, organisations are increasingly relying on Intelligent Voice Response systems.

These are great but working with Anywhere365 we can go one step forward, our AI bots can also reply using its own voice! And the best part, its not hard to get this feature up and going.

Key Benefits

Agent Efficiency

Save time and money and allow your agents to focus on
complex customer requirements

Customer Experience

Respond quicker to simple requests and reduce the
amount of time a customer could be on hold.

Core Platform Features of the Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Solution

Advanced Analytics

Through integration with Microsoft BI. You can create and customise advanced reports giving you the insights to keep moving forward and growing your business

Ease of use

With no coding experience required. Telecoms manager can quickly learn how to manage the contact centre and easily make changes to both the call flow and any Autoresponder bots

Live Performance Data

Real-time wall boards can be deployed throughout the contact centre environment helping you to keep track of peaks in demand and the performance of your agents

Omni-channel support

As a Standalone service or integrated to Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow or Microsoft Teams. The WebAgent feature provides users with a cloud-based omnichannel contact centre, CRM and workstream collaboration functionality in a unified desktop interface.