We provide VMware that will Virtualise almost any application, increase productivity and lower ongoing costs.

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We specialise in helping UK business with their VMware cloud solutions.

Deploying in the Cloud with VMware

VMware is one of the leading underlying hypervisors that you can run on the cloud that is specifically designed to support the smooth deployment of all your applications and web services.

Successful businesses need to be self-serving, scalable, service-rich for developers, secure, compliant, self-optimised, and extremely resilient. Our VMware specialists at CloudCoCo committed to helping you achieve this.

Each “cloud” has complex requirements and these need to be simplified for the business user by creating an experience to make the “cloud” complexity invisible. Enabling the organisation to focus on its key objectives with the scalability in mind to meet its growth ambitions.

To enable this to happen a cloud management system is required like VMware. CloudCoCo provides the latest VMware Managed Cloud services. 

Our offering is seen as a digital transformation, highly enterprising and delivers a dynamic level of cloud management.

CloudCoCo are the specialists in VMware solution and are committed to supporting your business to
achieve the next level of growth. Please get in touch with us today!

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How can CloudCoCo’s VMware services help you?

1. Application Agnostic

Run any application, on any cloud type, anywhere in the world with a digital foundation built on VMware.

2. Migrate to the Cloud

We provide the platform that will manage the workloads effectively without investing in infrastructure when migrating to the cloud.

3. Disaster Recovery

Creating a DR environment that does not interrupt with the primary environment of the business. Please read helpful information on our business continuity and disaster recovery here.

Why should you need help from CloudCoCo?

Migrating to the cloud is not as easy as simply pressing a button and its done, the first decision you need to make is the type of “cloud” your data will reside in, or if you are going to take a hybrid approach.

The next challenge is ensuring you do not increase the operational burdens on your most likely already over stretched IT teams. 

By using VMware, you have a single console for deploying and managing your applications and data regardless of which cloud environment they reside in. 

The next challenge where CloudCoCo will help is planning the Data Centre Migration approach During this phase, using our years of industry experience, we will plan and identify how the move to the new environment will be completed with minimal disruption to your business. 

If you are using old platforms that are potentially out of date or due to expire, moving these to the cloud is going to be a complex undertaking, but do not worry, we’ve helped many customers like you make the move, get in touch and ask a question today to find out more.

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We will help align your business and modernise your data centre.

Our engineers and account managers are on hand to provide you with UK IT support and maintain your VMware solutions ensuring they are kept fully updated and secure to help mitigate any risk of failure or security incidents. 

How do I know if a VMware solution is right for my business?

Do you find yourself running out of server space, or experience slowing down times?

Are you 100% confident you have adequate DR (disaster recovery) coverage in place?

Is your current server being run on old platforms, or at high risk of being insecure?

Is your business protected against extended periods of downtime?

Are you looking for expert help to give you peace of mind?

These are some of the questions that the CloudCoCo team can help provide you with the answer to.

The VMware Cloud Platform for Success

CloudCoCo’s ‘platform to success’ is to employ four core values to businesses efficiency, resilience, value, and performance with its VMware based cloud platform. 

CloudCoCo’s partner, THG Hosting integrates a VMware IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platform alongside a globally recognised management solution. 

Access to the platform will be via the well-known VMware Cloud Director platform interface.

THG Hosting’s datacentres are located all over the world (50+ locations across five continents). Each datacentre is packed with the most high-profile and state of the art hardware, providing businesses with the platform to exponentially expand their growth and reach. 

VMware Cloud Director

CloudCoCo’s partner, THG Hosting is one of the few VMware providers currently offering the VMware Cloud Director cloud management service provider platform. 

VMware Cloud Director provides an intuitive VMware cloud-based administration model of Virtual Machine based resources (such as compute, network and storage). 

Users have total control of sophisticated virtual network configurations in order to meet their complex application service requirements.


The successor to the NSX-V platform (inherited by VMware from SDN pioneers, Nicira), CloudCoCo’s partner, THG Hosting is one of the few providers offering VMware NSX-T and its direct integration into the Cloud Director platform described above. 

The network visualisation platform enables users to implement virtual networks on physical ones within their server infrastructure; users can dynamically initialise, control and manage networks and security through a suite of basic networking elements including routing, firewalling, and load balancing.

There is also the added knowledge that the security solution that comes alongside CloudCoCo's service is second to none. 

Why does CloudCoCo recommend and work with
THG Hosting?

THG is a vertically integrated, digital-first consumer brands group, retailing its own brands predominantly in beauty and nutrition, plus third-party brands, via its proprietary, end-to-end, e-commerce technology, infrastructure and brand-building platform (THG Ingenuity) to an online and global customer base.

THG Ingenuity: Ingenuity Commerce provides an end-to-end direct-to-consumer e-commerce solution for consumer brand owners under ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) licences. The wider THG Ingenuity division provides standalone digital services, including hosting, studio content, translation services and beauty product development and manufacturing.

With its main headquarters based in Manchester, THG Hosting operates a global web powerhouse with premises across EMEA, AMER and APAC. 

THG Hosting is a global web powerhouse with operating premises in four countries.

THG Hosting is a tried and tested solution provider that are driven by the need to be the leading experts in their field by going above and beyond preconceived boundaries.

They do this by offering flexibility with their solutions and are not prescriptive in how their infrastructure is designed and used to provide the correct outcome for your business, be that eCommerce, Gaming and Streaming Services, or high compute services to name but a few.

So, why does CloudCoCo use and recommend VMware?

It is easy to relocate applications independently of physical hardware and easy to manage by isolating from the other virtual machines and insulated from hardware changes.

It also provides the ability to support legacy applications and allows servers to be consolidated.

Server consolidation assists web hosting companies reducing their costs by a whopping 50% as VMware maximises server resources and the web hosting companies need a smaller amount of server to host their clients’ websites on.

History of VMware

VMware Inc. was formed in 1998 in Palo Alto California and is now a subsidiary of Dell Technologies (as of 2016).

VMware is a system visualisation and cloud computing software; users can create multiple virtual environments or computing systems on a single server. 

VMware can replicate hardware components like a hard drive, video cards and network adaptors which in turn saves time and money. 

Its first product release was in May 1999 with VMware Workstation and in 2001 it entered the server market. 

2011 saw them become part of the cloud computing market with Cloud Foundry using an open-source PaaS (platform as a service) system which supported Java, Ruby, Rails and Sinatra as well as supporting MySQL, MangoDB and other databasing platforms. 

VMware is a virtual infrastructure that has its own operating system, and its job is to maximise the efficiency of the available infrastructure resources. 

There are three types of VMware solutions, desktop, server, and cloud. To be clear VMware acts as the middleware between the operating system and the hardware.

It works by splitting the hardware into server portions then it allocates these portions with processors and memory and with that it divides up the available resources between the different portions.  

These new servers are not connected to each other meaning they can run independently of each other and they all support all Operating Systems including Windows, Linux, and Unix. 

The footprint that VMware leaves on the hardware is minimal, just 1% which makes this highly efficient. 

The old traditional way was to have hardware, install an operating system onto the hardware and then the applications.  

Now with VMware you have the hardware then VMware is installed onto this, this allows for lots of new servers to be created each with their own operating system and applications. 

With our full cloud services, CloudCoCo works with you to select the correct cloud type and enable you to move all your applications and data. 

Want to discuss your business needs further? Ask a question below and we will be in touch.