Your Path To Net Zero

Power the future with green energy solutions for your business


Extremely Smart NET ZERO and energy
efficient solutions with absolutely no capital
investment required.

As a leading provider of IT solutions, services, support, and hardware, CloudCoCo have become increasingly aware of our corporate responsibility for sustainability and Net Zero.

Supplying thousands of clients across the UK with servers, storage, networking, and desktop equipment. We also equally want to ensure we help our clients with sustainability and net zero headaches.

CloudCoCo are proud to partner with Energy Solutions Alliance (ESA), one of the world’s leading sustainability solutions providers with an impressive CV of global customers.









Who are Energy
Solutions Alliance?

Energy Solutions Alliance (ESA) and CloudCoCo are working together to identify the most significant and affordable approach to reduce your business’s energy consumption. We are wholly committed to helping your company attain its sustainability objectives on your journey towards net zero. Providing turnkey energy solutions, we design, install, and maintain energy production and storage solutions. Through a mix of measures, we execute energy efficiency projects following proven procedures to reduce, produce and store the energy your business consumes, without sacrificing daily operations.

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Taking the pain out of net zero

  • Zero risk
  • Zero CapEx
  • Cash Positive
  • Fully managed and supported 24/7/365
  • Minimum 20% savings available*
  • No capital investment required
  • Very low cost, fixed price, green energy
  • Improve EPC ratings
  • Achieve net zero

*Subject to report findings

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Capture Significant Energy Savings with our intelligent
energy monitoring and management system.


Changing Occupant Behavior


Identifying Invisible Energy Waste


Tuning Building Controls


Optimising Existing Equipment


Verifying New Technologies

Automating Meter Reading

Helped us design an LED lighting plan that reduced our electricity consumption by 60% in the areas where the LEDs were installed.

Cristina Amorim
VP of Sustainability and Facilities ThermoFisher Scientific