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Is your Microsoft Office 365 New Commerce Experience (NCE) licence working as hard as it should?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, and with costs soaring, your software should adapt to your needs while remaining as cost-effective as possible.

At CloudCoCo, our team of experts can work with you to optimise your Office 365 licences, ensuring they’re not only tailored to your business as it stands, but fit for the future too.

With renewal dates for many organisations approaching, now is the perfect time to review your licence — before committing to another year of potential overspend.


Book a licence review

Why choose CloudCoCo?


Cost savings

We’re aggressive on pricing and aim to beat any renewal quotes, potentially saving you 10% or more. Even if you choose not to partner with us, you can use our quote to negotiate reduced pricing with your current supplier.


Security first

Cyber security is non-negotiable. Alongside your licence review, we offer a complimentary, no-obligation security audit to ensure your organisation’s protection is robust.


Proven expertise

You can be confident that our teams have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge, enabling them to provide the best advice when it comes to licence renewal.

Don’t miss out on potential cost savings as well as the opportunity tobolster your cyber security credentials — at no extra cost.