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Cloud application testing operates a new service model where on-demand security checks are required.

It allows a business to save costs and at the same time, maintain peak security.

Cloud services have dramatically changed the way Managed IT services are delivered in the UK.

Using Cloud services are cost-effective, easy to set up, which are two significant factors leading to the UK adoption of cloud-based management.

However, combatting cyber security still continues to be a challenge.

An organization will require a robust application security strategy to reduce the attack and boost security measures.

This is where the CloudCoCo Security Team help support your business.

Proper application security testing should consider software, hardware and procedures that will support the background application.

As more and more cloud applications are being developed, this is leading to an increase and more rapid approach when it comes to market deliverables.

The significance of the right partner will ensure application security testing processes are not slowed down.

It is vital not to ignore security testing using a traditional software development model.

Modern application testing should be easily accessible for both genuine users and attackers.

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What reasons there for cloud and application security testing?

A business can host all its application on the cloud, therefore the right security measures need to be in place.

This gives cause to arising security risk situations such as:

  • Safe scalability of the business
  • Easy accessibility of applications
  • Analyzing the feasibility of hosting the security testing tools
  • Testing new cloud-based applications
  • Using regular cloud-based security testing

Due to the popularity of the CI/CD environment and DevOps, decision-makers focus on application security and the time it takes to perfect the test.

Cloud-based application security can address time-related constraints and at the same time make testing hassle-free and user friendly.

Why Cloud & Application Security Testing is important

Most applications are hosted in the cloud, making security a top priority for Cloud business users.

The main reason for Cloud & Application Security Testing is to stop any malware or threat from accessing,
manipulating and stealing private data.

Cloud & Application Security Testing identifies the threat in the system and measures its potential vulnerabilities.

It also helps detect all possible security breaches and helps the developer fix those problems through coding.

Using CloudCoCo to conduct Cloud and Application Security Testing is applicable for businesses with
a time restriction and a strict budget.

Rigorous Testing gives feasibility to host security testing tools on the cloud.

This process enables tools on the ground to test the applications quickly and thoroughly.

In the traditional ways of testing, you are expected to have an on-premises tool and infrastructure.

Businesses are now adopting cloud-based testing techniques which makes the process cost-effective and much faster. However, they still require help and this is where the CloudCoCo experts step in. Get in touch today if you have any questions.

What effect has business logic on cloud security testing?

When it comes to security testing there are various different stages. Let’s look at the risk determination of identified vulnerabilities when we are assessing risk.

It is essential to consider the underlying business logic. For example, in penetration testing, say two similar SOL-injection vulnerabilities were discovered on a web page.

One is on your admin background, while the other is on the public available login page. Since the condition for these vulnerabilities are similar and look the same.

In this case as a cloud application owner, we can add the business dimensions to our assessment and achieve a more practical value, the result will differ.

While the login page is exposed to any internet user and even untrusted visitors, the admin backup is only accessible to authorized employees.

In this case, the effects associated risk is high.

This scenario shows why business logic needs to play a vital role in the process of security testing.

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How are cloud applications affected after we have run the test?

Because of cloud solution exposure, security audits play a vital role when delivering a secured service.

When undergoing testing, the focus is not expected to be only on all technical applications.

It is also necessary to consider the whole environment and the surrounding process, including auditing the applications, the network, infrastructure, and the associated security processes and policies.

In the cloud context, apart from having the regular tests, you should also proceed with a prompt of the identified vulnerabilities.

Depending on the vulnerabilities, the environment’s complexity and the engineering process can make the cloud and applications testing more challenging.

External assurance is a valuable asset if you meet the compliance requirements and earn trust.

We are totally focused on client satisfaction and can give you case studies and testimonials to back up our cloud application testing service.

An external specialist penetration test should be mandated at least once every quarter. This internal security process serves as evidence that the business is taking the right security measures seriously.

What are the benefits from a security standpoint when we operate in the cloud?

The key benefits are to focus on your competence and core processes.

Moving towards a cloud solution means that the organization is outsourcing some of the processes to an expert trusted external provider, like CloudCoCo.

Apart from the risk and challenges involved, this step is hugely beneficial to have our expert help on hand.

As a cloud security provider, we have a dedicated infrastructure and specialist team to tailor our testing solutions extremely effectively.

This also means a far better quality of service and ensures the right security solution is applied.

When outsourcing a process, you do transfer a specific response to an external partner which is why you need one you can trust.

By this, you are benefiting from top UK expertise, scalability and most importantly the know-how.

The business will then get to focus on everyday operations and leave the cloud security protection to us.

Cloud computing allows businesses to access documents, emails, applications etc. from anywhere as long as the right internet connections are in place

Specifically, new cyber-attacks are what inspired Cloud & Application Security Testing with the broader field of cybersecurity. Cloud security protects your data, services and applications in the cloud.

Please make sure you also check out your network security settings

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