Hassle-free, enterprise-level hardware storage and maintenance services

Increase infrastructure reliability and security while saving time and money

Utilising the latest technology helps businesses grow. But as your technology expands to meet your increasing needs, you also incur more costs, maintenance burdens and physical and cybersecurity risks. Instead of trying to manage, store and protect your expanding hardware and data on your own, let CloudCoCo do it at a cost-effective price.

CloudCoCo provides colocation services to ensure you can operate and expand securely and efficiently. In our secure, strategically located data centres, we can house, protect and manage your network hardware for a fixed, affordable fee. With 24/7 monitoring, advanced security measures and easy scalability, your infrastructure will always be available and provide
the computing power you need.

Businesses of all sizes can continually save on initial infrastructure investments and rental space with colocation services from CloudCoCo

With CloudCoCo as your colocation service provider, you’ll enjoy:

Cost savings thanks to shared pricing on rental space, maintenance and energy costs

24/7 monitoring and support to prevent and quickly solve any incident

Multilayered physical and cybersecurity like strict access control, advanced firewalls, redundant power supplies and more

On-demand scalability that lets you easily burst to higher bandwidth and meet demand while only paying for what you need

Peace of mind knowing you’ll get maximum uptime and reliability


This refers to outsourcing the storage, protection and maintenance of a business’s infrastructure hardware to increase security and reliability while reducing maintenance costs and burdens.

The term data centre is used when a data centre company rents out the entire facility to another business, while colocation is when they rent out rackspaces within the facility to multiple companies or ‘tenants’.

Colocation is a service whereby businesses can rent out rack space for servers and other network hardware. By letting experts handle the maintenance and security, and sharing costs with other tenants, businesses can save time and money while improving network performance