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Gaming start-ups get top UK support CloudCoCo

Today the capabilities are easily available and accessible for a start-up or small games developer to take on the giants of the gaming world. Online gaming is booming! That’s a fact. The vast revenue pouring into this industry has added fuel to this ever-growing global market. The possibilities are endless with new gaming developers launching their skills onto the market, gaming innovators are looking at new ways to take on these giants and this is where CloudCoCo can step in to help. A traditional barrier to launching a new gaming product is the upfront infrastructure costs to deliver a gaming service across the world. The start up costs does not have to be huge sums of money, or even any upfront cost as the global gaming infrastructure is already in place and now is the time to take advantage.

Getting Started

So, how does a gaming start up do just that; start up? Reverse engineering is a clever way to begin so not what the games will look like, but which facilitator is the most reliable, resilient, and dependable.

It’s proven that if the games facilitator lets you down then the rest is history. So, choosing the right partner to help you each step of the way, to make your dreams become reality is the key ingredient for the gaming innovator.

Established services delivering gaming platforms across the world today is a guarantee to success and that’s exactly what CloudCoCo offers.

CloudCoCo allows a developer to introduce games to an online audience and build and develop with seamless speedy loading time, to experience latency like no other will find a solution to all necessary requirements.

CloudCoCo in partnership with THG Hosting will deliver this platform for you.

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When choosing a reliable and robust platform, you’ll also need the right operating system and software provider to point you in the right direction.

Our Cloud Portfolio built to support gaming companies include:

All services are provided with our leading 24 x 7 IT Support to ensure your services are always available.

You’ll need the gaming licenses to investigate and implement, create a website with secure and verified methods of payment for the users, all before marketing and promotional campaigns are launched.

Some examples of recent gaming start-up companies are Hutch (UK), Game Analytics (UK), PLaytonic Games (UK), Facelt (UK), Resolution Games (Sweden), Ustwo (UK), and Playsnck (Germany). Some of these are still small but making waves in the industry right now.

You need the right facilitator like us who is a leading the way in the gaming industry. We don’t view you as a customer, rather a partner who we want to succeed, get in touch below and we’ll share our experience

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How We Can Benefit You

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Working in partnership with THG Hosting we pride ourselves on being problem solvers and at our heart are driven by the need to be the leading experts in the Managed IT services by going beyond preconceived boundaries.

CloudCoCo are a THG’s UK Partner and provide the support and expert on-hand help when it comes to gaming innovators looking for the simple solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Today, THG operates the platform that drives an Ingenuity portfolio and implements infrastructure for so many of their businesses and their customers too.

We offer the right partnership to take gaming start-ups to new heights.

We offer high performance networks with a global data centre footprint and the capability to offer bespoke resolutions to all desired specifications including if a business has a preferred software provider, platform, or operating systems they would like to be involved as part of the journey.

What sets CloudCoCo apart in our opinion is our ability to be flexible and work with the gaming start up to solve, support and aid growth faultlessly from inception.

Working with THG, we eliminate latency, this is important to a gaming start up as this means that the network can process extremely high volumes of data with almost zero delay, giving a real-time development platform and full access to quickly changing data demands.

The SLA (service level agreement) for uptime is at 99.95% guaranteeing that being offline is not a concern to be worried about and this in turn keeps active users playing games online continuously.

There is also flexible unthrottled bandwidth to enjoy.

So many Cloud Providers control the bandwidth traffic by slowing/limiting it down which can affect streaming and have an impact on user’s online entertainment as well as slow down any development process.

  • Nvidia is the leading graphics solutions and server abilities and is very well known for powering the gaming industry.
  • Arbor delivers smart innovative technology that is of industrial strength and quality with outstanding design.
  • Noction assists with watching networks and searches for any issues inside the network fixing them as they are found. It also keeps the latency and packet loss low, unsnarls congestion and cleverly manages the bandwidth to keep that percentage where it should be.

Whatever your requirements are, you can be sure when you contact our team of specialists at us at CloudCoCo today, we’ll be sure to help.