Best-in-class business software without any of the licensing, liability and support headaches

Make better use of your time, money and staff by letting CloudCoCo manage your software

Business software can increase your operational efficiency and help cut costs. But more software requires more resources to efficiently manage the licensing agreements, avoid noncompliance penalties and prevent wasting money on unused software. Yet many businesses don’t have the resources and expertise to efficiently manage the growing number of software licences across their users, devices, networks and databases.

That's where CloudCoCo comes in. We can procure the software you need from our industry-leading partners and fully manage the licensing agreements. We’ll control and document all your products and the contracts that govern how and where they’re being used, ensuring everything is in line with your changing needs and budget. You’ll be able to focus on using the software for business growth and won’t have to worry about wasting money on unused software or violating EULAs.

Enjoy simplified, one-stop software shopping from sales and activation service to licensing models and compliance management

Our software licensing service delivers:

Cost reductions via volume licensing, eliminating unused software and keeping the number of licences aligned with your needs.

Improved cybersecurity by eliminating underprotected or unauthorised software, which is a common attack vector

More agility from ensuring that everyone is using the same version of software

Protection against costly surprise true-ups and end-user licence agreement (EULA) violations


This is the agreement that defines the software and features to be used, how many users can use it, on what devices it can be used, how long it is valid for and so on. There is a broad range of licensing types to fit various needs and make management easier, including perpetual licensing, subscription-based licensing, consumption licensing, etc.

This is a licensing service that authorises software to be used on a large number of computers with a large number of users within an organisation. It typically includes a volume licence key (VLK), similar to a single-use product key, but the VLK can be used in multiple instances, and is usually limited to a predetermined number of installations based on the organisation's anticipated needs. The organisation is often required to keep the key confidential, record the number of installations and could be subject to a software licence audit and penalties for not complying with the terms of the licensing agreement. Before purchasing, Microsoft suggests considering:

  • Size and type of organisation
  • Products desired
  • How the products will be used

Microsoft can tailor its licensing programs to certain industries, like healthcare, education, government and independent software vendors. To find the licensing solution that’s right for you, contact CloudCoCo today for our expert help!