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For streaming businesses, customer experience is essential and cannot be compromised, but
how is this guaranteed? Read on to find out more.

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Deploying in the Cloud with VMware

Many modern businesses provide streaming services to their customers but providing a quality service the customer expects without extreme costs, can be complex, and place extra burdens on the IT teams.

CloudCoCo is the difference between an outstanding streaming service, and something more mediocre that may cause buffering or skip problems, ultimately providing a poor customer experience.

And what does CloudCoCo bring to the table for streaming companies to consider? We know and comprehend the complexities that streaming media brings with it.

Working with our partners, our solution highlights include;

Globally available infrastructure

With data centre locations on all 5 continents, internet breakout happens at the closest exchange to the customer minimizing latency and enhancing the user experience

Proven Service

Delivering over 250Gbps of streaming services today

It is no mean feat bringing streaming media to an audience on a multitude of different devices that are able to encode huge media files at multiple bit rates.

Nothing short of seamless streaming is acceptable to an end user which means that providing an enhanced and progressive infrastructure on a platform that is designed to handle enormous scales of high-quality video on demand will do.

With all that in mind we are ready to take on tailored specifications for the unique requirements of a company that needs to be ready to move and evolve alongside this fast-paced industry that is an ever-changing landscape.

  • Via our partnerships, we have global infrastructures in place. The data centres are placed near internet exchanges so that they can deliver content with very minimal buffering and guaranteed uptime SLA of 99.95%. Data can be streamed in any of the five continents with our streaming services, and are 100% redundant all the time.
  • All platforms are tailored and built so that they can be scalable.
  • Via our partnerships, we have access to leading experts in the field, they understand the optimized high quality streaming environments and are on hand twenty-four hours a day.
  • We provide a quick turnaround time in line with all the leading providers.
  • Alongside your server platform you will have full access to an IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface).
  • Unthrottled bandwidth, full speed always.
  • If a business has a preferred operating system or control panel, or software provider we can aim to accommodate your requirements.

If you need some expert help today and want to talk to the people in the know who are really passionate, care and in the know about streaming services, then please give us a call today.

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Streaming Media

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From a user’s perspective streaming media has become commonplace, users are often opting for streamed media as opposed to reading the same thing in a written format.

Social media is thriving from all the streamed media being made and placed on their platforms.

Streamed media is easy to watch and takes less time than scrolling through words and pictures, the demand is for right now and users no longer wish to wait for what they are looking for.

In layman terms streaming means video whether live, or pre-recorded.

Streaming media can now be found present in most businesses, social business, and e-learning (or EdTech as it is now referred to) for example.

What is needed to stream media seamlessly is understanding that both video and audio servers are required to compress and encode the digital images for streaming.

A network with unthrottled bandwidth is top priority to accommodate streaming so that no interruptions to the output occur.

Types Of Streaming

There are three general types of streaming: constant ‘on’ streaming like radio and television and demand non-streaming like audio books and DVD’s and then there is live streaming which is in streamed real time.

Streaming can also be that of closed captioning, ticker tape or real time text.

Streaming content really is the opposite to downloading content and can be viewed before an entire file has been transmitted.

Examples of streaming media come from companies like, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, Spotify and for gaming, Twitch.

History of Streaming

Streaming came about in the early 1990’s and replaced the term ‘video on demand’.

Starlight Networks were the first company to provide video streaming and RealNetworks the first for audio streaming.

1993 saw the first live streaming of a concert by PARCs from little known band Severe Tire Damage who happened to be in the right place at the right time and the first live sports game was a baseball game, between teams New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners in 1995 by RealNetworks.

You can in fact track back to 1881 when opera and theatre performances used to be transmitted down a telephone line!

Bringing it back to the present day and user demand is extremely high for streaming multimedia with HD (high definition) content and ‘streaming wars’ are being fought amongst the top-level streaming services such as YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+ and HBO Max.

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptionally high level of customer service and expertise fort all of our clients here at CloudCoCo, so please get in touch today, we really look forward to helping you.