Mobile & MDM

End-to-end mobile strategy, security and account management for all devices on your corporate network

Reliable, secure mobile working to stay ahead of cybercriminals and your competitors


Today’s globalised, on-the-go business world demands that employees be able to use mobile devices to work from anywhere. But this also introduces ongoing management and cybersecurity risks with unsynced workers, personal devices, unsecure public networks, lost or stolen devices and more. How can you enjoy the productivity-boosting benefits of mobile working while ensuring your devices are secure and optimised?

Mobile & Mobile Device Management (MDM) from CloudCoCo is the answer. We’ll devise a mobile management strategy to fit your unique needs, including choosing the best package and maintaining your devices for efficiency and security, from the policy level down to the device and user level. Your smartphones, tablets and laptops will keep employees and teams productive while our MDM solutions keep your data secure.

We don't care which mobile network.We only care about you.

  • Able to take complexities like coverage into account and provide multi-operator offerings.
  • Flexible, bundled minutes, PAYG, Fixed Contracts
  • Flexible solutions
  • Home Working Solutions
  • Every device type available.
  • Enterprise Billing Health check – Billing management for complex services. Bill auditing and recommendations every month (value-added service)
  • Experts who want to understand the usage scenarios, where they operate and how they use it.
  • Device options – CAPEX/OPEX. We offer a managed service, take away the pains from managing a mobile estate.
  • Value Add - MDM, DaaS hardware procurement engine. MiFi/Data only SIMs.
  • We negotiate on your behalf, sort out what suits the customer, not the operator.
  • Kit funds, allowances, this can be put in a kit fund or a cashback offer.
  • Mobile Assessment Service – review estate and make recommendations.
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CloudCoCo is the go-to provider in the UK because our mobile device services include:

  • Comprehensive security like email protection, lock and wipe, data encryptions and device tracking
  • Industry-leading devices, networks and plans at the best possible prices
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security platform for the most secure yet agile mobile operations
  • Greater control of and insight into your data, from a user-friendly dashboard
  • Seamless integrations with your other business tools
  • Easily scalable management software that keeps you covered as you grow


The use of mobile telephony with MDM services can provide a range of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Improved security: MDM services can help to secure mobile devices and ensure that sensitive data remains protected.
  • Increased productivity: Employees can work anywhere, anytime on fast networks and optimised devices
  • Simplified device management: MDM services can help to simplify device management by allowing businesses to manage multiple devices from a single dashboard.
  • Improved compliance thanks to customisable policies and security event management in line with leading frameworks

MDM services can help to protect against mobile device vulnerabilities by providing features like remote wipe and encryption, as well as by ensuring that devices are kept up to date with the latest security patches and software updates.

Common cyber security threats associated with mobile telephony can include things like malware, phishing attacks, and the theft or loss of mobile devices. MDM services can help to protect against these threats by providing features like encryption, device tracking, and remote wipe.