Microsoft Azure

Invest in your own growth and innovation with the world’s leading cloud platform

Limitless, next-gen cloud services that keep you agile in today’s dynamic business world

To be successful, businesses must efficiently adapt to changing market conditions. Unlike traditional, on-premises IT infrastructures, cloud platforms provide total agility while keeping your operations streamlined, so your business can be adaptable yet efficient.

But transitioning to and managing a virtual infrastructure on your own runs the risk of prolonged downtime, unnecessary expenses and poor ROI. That’s where CloudCoCo comes in.

Our Azure experts will learn your business, then deliver and manage the cloud computing capabilities that give you an edge. Whether it’s optimised networks, customer analytics software or app customisation, your virtual systems will deliver long-term value. With improved security, efficiency and agility, you’ll have more resources to devote to growth and innovation.

The business benefits of our
Microsoft Azure include:

Increased productivity from an always available infrastructure and database as well as secure remote working

Cost savings with minimised hardware and software purchases and pay-as-you-go pricing

Ongoing compliancethanks to the full range of solutions that meet any regulatory requirements

Peace of mindas we handle software life cycle management and infrastructure maintenance

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Microsoft Azure from CloudCoCo is preferred by leading UK businesses because it features:

  • Multilayered cybersecurity and comprehensive disaster recovery to protect your digital assets
  • Unlimited services, including entire infrastructures, virtual desktops, analytics, complete app management, virtual WANs and more
  • Easily scalable services and resources
  • Seamless integration with most third-party apps, frameworks, databases and unique IT environments