Standard MSPs vs. CloudCoCo

Shopping around? Smart move. In typical CloudCoCo fashion, we want to help you

The CloudCoCo difference

Standard MSPs

Focused on their revenue

Their model is to get your IT working again when it breaks, so ensuring things stay fixed is not their priority

Unfit for fast-paced businesses

Contract negotiations, limited expertise and lots of outsourcing keep things slow and complicated

One-size-fits-all approach

Inflexible plans, binding contracts and being treated like a number quickly turns your IT from an asset into a burden

Unreliable support

Automated emails, never-ending on-hold music and confusing language increase your costs, downtime and frustration

You can't control what you can't count

It feels like they charge by the minute with all the unpredictable and unnecessary expenses


Focused on your success

Your IT won’t ‘just work’ — it’ll drive business results through innovation, efficiency and profitability

Results from day 1

As your one-stop shop, we can meet all your IT needs quickly, and we understand the business value of keeping things simple

White-glove service

A dedicated team of experts who know your business and provide the solutions and services to meet your growing needs and goals

24/7 expert support

Fast, round-the-clock support from friendly experts in jargon-free language get you back to work fast

100% satisfaction guarantee

We’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy. No extra fees, just affordable, flat monthly pricing