Device Lifecycle management from CloudCoCo covers all device forms. This includes, but is not limited to, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Essential accessories such as bags, headsets, keyboards, and mice are also covered as part of this service.

What is Device Lifecycle Management?

For many companies, the burden of refreshing their organisation’s devices can place a burden on an already overstretched IT team. It can also be difficult to know what devices to procure to make sure that your company runs smoothly; getting this wrong can lead to frustrated staff and a loss of productivity.

Choosing the right devices for your business can be tough. It is a huge challenge to get every device set up with all the settings they need, as well as security software and the various applications to be able to do their role. This is referred to as the configuration stage and once the device is set up, this is then shipped to the end-user.

We all know that this is not necessarily where the process ends. Accidents can happen to anyone; devices get dropped, drinks are split or perhaps something is unfortunately stolen. Technology is now a large part of our working lives, and it is imperative that a replacement device is made available as soon as possible with the same setup as before if something were to happen.

It would be great if our devices lasted forever but this is never the case. Technology is constantly evolving to be better, faster and more powerful and ultimately, we continue to move with it. Maximise your investment and ensure your colleagues are always taking advantage of new technology by knowing when to replace these devices, whether it’s simply coming to the end of its life or if a model upgrade is required.

What if you didn’t need to worry about any of this, and there was a specialist out there that is able to do it for you?

Device Lifecycle Management from CloudCoCo takes that stress away from your business and lets you do what you do best.



Benefits of Device Lifecycle Management.

  • Device experts work with you to recommend the best devices.
  • Highly competitive pricing.
  • Payment plans available.
  • Full tracking of the device throughout its life. All information is available from CloudCoCo’s IT Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
  • Delivered from a purpose-built facility
  • Build centre is highly secure against physical and cyber security attacks. Meeting the HMG Infosec standard and certified to ISO27001.

Types of hardware available



Mobile Phones



The stages of Device Lifecycle Management

– Procurement

Working with you, we will select a range of devices and accessories that best suit the needs of your colleagues and their varied roles. As to not be restricted to using certain manufacturers, if you have alternative vendors that you wish to use, we can assist you in picking the best devices from them. This includes all major brand names from Lenovo and Dell to Samsung and Apple.

Subject to your approval, CloudCoCo are able to offer accessory packs to go alongside your new devices or will allow you to gain access to an online catalogue of pre-approved accessories available to order immediately.

CloudCoCo have excellent relationships with a wide range of distributors to provide you with hardware services. Our team actively seek out the most competitive prices across our preferred suppliers list, ensuring that you get the best up-to-date price possible. MoreComputers, an online hardware retailer, was acquired by CloudCoCo in August 2021 which has increased our buying capabilities. As a CloudCoCo customer, you will have access (upon request) to a customer portal where hardware can be purchased at any time with no personal intervention and invoices going directly to your finance team. Customers have found that by using this service, they are benefiting from the latest devices and a quick turnaround, meaning that there’s little downtime for the running of their business.

Your new devices and accessories can be provided via outright purchase or through a leasing scheme. Once ordered, devices and accessories will be sent to our secure facility, asset managed on the Configuration Management Database and stored for when you need them.

– Build and Configure

When a device is required by a single user, (e.g. a new starter) or if many devices are required for multiple users (possibly as part of a company-wide technology refresh), CloudCoCo will take the units from stock, then build and configure them as part of a pre-agreed configuration.

We will work with you to create and securely store software to meet the requirements of your organisation, colleagues and the device models agreed. This includes the Operating System (OS) as well as standard applications to be loaded onto the new device.


– Deploy

CloudCoCo will arrange all shipping regardless of whether this is to home workers or a central office, ensuring devices get to the right place on time. As an additional service, CloudCoCo can provide staff to ‘walk the floors’, delivering devices to desks.

We will provide any advice and guidance to help familiarise the user with their device, as well as training, user manuals and support contacts as an additional service.

CloudCoCo can also run ‘Tech Bars’ in convenient central locations where employees can pick up their devices and ask any questions.

All deployed devices will be asset managed throughout its journey, updating its record on the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) so it can be tracked, and its status communicated to you. Helping people quickly get up and running with their new devices is key to a business.

– Manage

As part of an additional service, CloudCoCo will manage the ongoing performance and availability of devices on the customer’s behalf. Everything required to resolve any device issue, from the moment it’s identified through to resolution.

If needed, our 24/7/365 UK-based IT support team is always on-hand to correct any issues you may have.

Once a request is delivered to our IT Support team, the issue will be investigated and worked on to resolve. Where issues need to be resolved on-site, CloudCoCo can deploy the most suitably qualified field engineer.

Through additional contracted services, CloudCoCo can also take responsibility for scheduled maintenance tasks and change-management programmes. For example, making sure patching is up to date, as well as software asset management services.

Through our specialist security teams, we can also manage all aspects of your organisation’s Cyber Security.


– Refresh and Upgrade

When assets are coming to an end of their typical lifespan, they become less effective and not fit for purpose which can be detrimental to the running of a business and the security of those devices. A refresh and upgrade program can be implemented, extending the life of devices by moving to a new OS version or updating components.

– Redeploy

Many devices no longer required by their original user are still serviceable and can deliver further value. When a device can be used elsewhere within the customer’s business, CloudCoCo can support its redeployment to a new user. If there is no longer a requirement that can be satisfied with the device, we will securely prepare the device for sale to a third party.

Ensuring that the data on the device that needs to be retained is removed, encrypted and securely stored. All data is then wiped from the device in accordance with recognised industry best practice. Any damage is repaired, with the device packaged and stored; ready to be sent out again.

When a new colleague joins your team and needs devices, it will enter the ‘build and configure’ process to be deployed as if it were a new device.

– Retire

CloudCoCo will ensure that the data on the device that needs to be retained is removed safely, encrypted and securely stored with a certificate produced to confirm that the unnecessary data has been destroyed. The device is then removed and destroyed with secure destruction and compliance to electronic waste disposal regulations. We always aim to re-sell and re-home these devices through charitable organisations in the first instance.

Optional Service Components








Benefits of Device Lifecycle Management.

  • Hardware orders before 4pm will be sent on a morning delivery the next working day.
  • Same -day delivery is also an option for high priority requests.
  • Swap-it service reduces carbon emissions by 50% to separate transactions.
  • Currently achieving a 99.1% average for our Lifecycle Service contracts.
  • Lease options available on hardware.

Secure Asset Disposal

Certified and compliant services to help you retire technology safely and responsibly. Once assets are securely collected, we will dispose of any IT equipment, where required, in compliance with the WEEE Directive, using our specialist disposal partner. As a board member of the ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance) group, their credentials include:

2019 Queen’s Award for Innovation winner

HM Government IS Standard No. 5 – the latest Government approved data security standard

ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard. Certificate number FS517045

ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. Certificate number IS 564833

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. Certificate number EMS 86615

ADISA (Asset disposal and information security alliance) Fully Accredited business (Distinction with Honours) to DIPCOG approved secure disposal standard

HMG ‘Greening ICT Delivery Group (GDU) Re-use and Disposal Working Group industry member

PASF police approved premises

Blancco ‘Gold’ partner

Your assets will deliver maximum value, even in retirement

The growing number of IT products in combination with their relatively short life spans, means that they need to be disposed of more frequently than ever before. These products contain toxic materials that harm the environment if not disposed of correctly, and improper disposal can also lead to the theft of your sensitive business data. Ensure this does not happen by entrusting your e-waste needs to CloudCoCo’s Secure Asset Disposal services.

From pickup to disposal, we will handle all your assets safely and securely. We will salvage the valuable materials and recycle them for new products, while shredding your hard drive and sanitising all of your data to make it irretrievable. When you entrust your e-waste to us, you are protecting your business from data theft and helping the environment.

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